Monday, August 15, 2016

Living the PL way

Back from Japan, I knew I needed time to be creative, let my thoughts wander in and out of my gray cells, some surfaced, some disappeared.  My way of zoning out is going into Second Life and putting expression on one of my avatars.
Since mesh has become such a hot item, and I have gone out of my way to ignore it... what better way to challenge myself, I decided to build a mesh avatar.  One that I could live with and be comfortable with.
This is the mesh head. What a time I had.  I don't know how many HELP notecards I sent to the help desk of the Body Shop that I went with. Actually they are called TheMeshProject (BETA) and when you shop you do so in THESKINSHOP or their boutique.
A veteran of SL and virtual worlds, I've been a constant member since 2007, I did not find the transition easy.  I am still working it out.

What will this new avatar do, well she is doing what I love doing best, trying on close and doing photo sessions, trying to find a look for me that I will "fall in love with"

To do this, I have gone to my favourite and reliable designers, like Felicity Shoes,(Felcity Overlord)  and my Beloved Jewelry, (Kimbra McMillan) for the basic accesssories that every gal needs in her wardrobe.  Shoes and jewelry.

In this picture I'm wearing Beloved Jewelry and Hair is by Tukinowaguma (Casida 2)  I had not changed my shoes yet.  I'm still learning how to work all the pieces of my body.

In life we can be still and stagnate or we can challenge ourselves to do things we have found hard to do.. 

PL Precept #2  To live is to express one's self.

PL Precept # 19 Begin once you perceive.

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