Saturday, June 8, 2013


When was the last time you had your fortune told, or had someone ask you your favorite number, do you play the loto?  What about try your luck with the loto tickets.  When we saw that there was a destination called  NUMBEROLOGY, we took off to have a look.

Interesting set of poses - an artist working on and with her easel (6 static poses).  A psychic using her  crystal ball,( 8 poses) plus a few others, kinda made us wonder, what goodies we would find at the main shop. ^^

Each of these numbered pods have a group of small boutiques offering the visitors multiple choices of goods.  Furniture,male skins,tattoos, avatar enhancement,refurbed victorian items,vintage charms, lingerie,  Oh Paperbag is one of the participants. nice, sexy!
Look, more poses, Purple Poses ! They are offering 4 sets of model poses, if you are tired of the same old, same old, check these out.

Even Izzie's is here.  Really it is the right time to shop, you know it is time for a wee bit of a change. since we want time to shop ourselves, we will leave you with a bit of eye candy.  =^_^=

The taxi to Numberology is above, take it, explore,shop, enjoy!  There is something for everyone.

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