Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vista Animations Hot & Spicy

Pair up a hot number by Sassy (Tryst) and the Vista Animations Hot and Spicy AO and you have lethal and unlawful HOT HOT HAWT.... coming close, you enter a Danger Zone - 
Jewelry - Beloved Jewelry - Drama set, earrings and necklace
Model, skin,makeup,hair Amacci  shape- Sonya - makeup- Siri nutmeg
Hair- Amacci - Masie -Ebony
Shoes- LOORDES OF LONDON  @ OTFC Cambridge pumps - Lilac
Eyes-  Pulse Rapture - Time
The shoes are also available in a dark emerald.  You'll find them both at the October Trending Fashion Chamber see link in side panel.

The Hot and Spicy walk is something else !!! watch yourself walk away.... You'll want to keep watching =^_^=

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