Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday 5.4.13

Good Day dear reader.  Let's start with this cute outfit from Graffitiwear that is currently in this round of the Designer Circle   the model for this project is also in DC, she is Monique from Surrogates. Her eyes are also from Surrogates.  Shape is no modify.  Skin is from POUDRE -[Eva] T - 01
Photo Shoot location Hard Tail Hard Rocking Dance Club  pictures on Flickr will show you a couple of other hot hot motorcycles.
The outfit - PInk and Aqua Boroque corset top and pants, comes complete with the bangles you see and the shoes. Graffitiwear necklace is part of the package. Buy and wear, you are all dressed =^_^=

Earrings are Bonita Jewelry blue cubes
Hair- Truth Mini burgundy

Also in this round of the Designer Circle - from 1 Hundred a super sexy slip on set in a black satin, model poses are from Co*Motion Dance Dynmaics
model - Cory is from Body by Coco non mod, and skin - Pink Cherry - London Tan- red burn lips
Hair- Truth - Vosbhie -almond
necklace - SL - Cosmic Gold Chair (moon)
earrings - Eluzion - Ulyssa
shoes - Felicity - Harlow Stilettos
AO - Vista - Divine Girl
eyes- Sin Skins - Intense II light green eyes large
Shot on location PiNK CHERRY - Sexy Fashion
links in sidebar for DESIGNER CIRCLE

Happy shopping .- 

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