Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Easy Listening Sax

Jack's Nightclub in Sheffield  Casual sax by the ever popular Trowzer Boa, known to one and all just as Trow.  To find out when and where Trow is playing, you need only get on his mailing list.
The club this evening has a laid back atmosphere, down dirty funky =^_^= a little early for the crowds, but a lot happens, by taking the limo you can see a list of upcoming events on the wall.  On May 16. 3 pm SL time, Vicki Eriksen does Burlesque Comedy.   ps. the scruffy dude is Trow, his robots are always super cool.  to find out more about this super musician check him out.  Dave Renz in RL.

The beautiful Paris Metro Couture gown shows well against the smokey brick background. (acid flower trip)
Hair- [e] wave - black 04
Model,makeup,skin,lipstick POUDRE Plume 02 - M
Shoes- Lindy, Sandye - Ochre 
Jewelry -Elemental - Adriana brights, this is a jeweler that is a must see and have pieces from.
There will be a few more pictures on flickr - link in sidebar
Time to settle back, chill and listen.

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