Thursday, May 23, 2013

blah BLAH blah and Eyelure

We caught our Xsa trying to get out for her "date" without say good morning.  She looked so fetching we insisted we take pictures.  This went over like a lead balloon.  She wanted away.  But we did impose on her to let us take a few pictures.  The pants are from blah BLAH blah, mesh Karma pants, they come in black, blue,ginger,green,pink,purple,red and teal.  show here are the blue.  From the back or front they are showstoppers.

The little top is from Eyelure and is part of a yoga outfit that is currently on sale at Designer Circle.  The pants were previewed in an earlier blog/  The shoes are from HollyHood, and they too are currently on sale at DC.  Here is your limo to :blah.BLAH.blah::Womens Casual Sexy Clothing Shoes Accessories
Having taken our pictures we left Xsa to enjoy the rest of her day off  privately.  Longer and we might have been wearing a shoe print on our foreheads.

We took our pictures @ SKY SCULPTURES GALLERY - Sculpty statues-avatars-art gallery, Ub Yifu Sculptures   Ub Yifu Tour Galllery -Sculpture in sculpties by Ub Yifu-Custom work-LOTR-abstract-fantasy-sculptures-sculpty-sculpted-VIP-gift-art-arts-creation-avatar-avatars-sexy-celebrities-graffiti-statues-museum-escultura-statue-sculptor-freebies-romance-love
About Ub Yifu
-- In second life to be creative, i m reproducing some famous sculptures in SL. 
If you want to see my work come to my sky sculpture gallery shown in my favorite places.
I also do commissionned work. deliverable to OPEN SIMS ! IM me to know more..
-- Sur SL  depuis 2007 je me suis lance dans la sculpture en reproduisant des peintures et sculptures en 3 dimensions. 
Visitez ma sky sculpture galerie dans l'onglet lieux favoris. Je travaille aussi sur commande.

N'hésitez pas à me IM pour plus d'i

Once You Make up Your Mind,Things Will Begin to Happen -Perfect LIberty

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