Sunday, May 19, 2013

Belle Epoque

Nothing sets my heart a flutter more than a build that reaches in and tugs at my "nesting" strings.  Every once in awhile, like all seasoned SL citizens, a clean up of landmarks is a must to keep a tidy inventory.  I hit a LM for a clothing store and found myself in an enchanting setting of residential homes and boutiques.  Belle Epoque
Charm, tranquility,I had to find out more. This is what they say in their description.
casual, fashion, clothes, pants, jeans, shirts, shoes, accessories, home, female shapes, female skins,  prefabs, houses, Funky Junk, Savoir Faire Shapes,  LeBloom,  freebies,  photos, furniture  
/*Sky:"[Places Cornfield]"Water:"[Pond]"*/
Some of the homes might be private residences, so please check before getting too close.However, this is a slice of paradise.. do check it out.  If you are searching for a home/house, building, or landscaping, this might just tick your boxes.
This is a cutie, pictures do not show you how lovely this little community is.  Grab the taxi provided above and visit.   pictures on flickr

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  1. Thank you for featuring our sim. The homes are actually demo homes for the prefab store there called Funky Junk.