Friday, May 31, 2013

Last Call Designer Circle 55 & A Rusted Development LEA1

Don't miss out. Designer Circle is going to be changing very soon. This elegant classic from Vivace will be gone. (Giulia)
Hair and jewelry is  from Modern Couture
Shape is Brenda from Anna Shapes
Skin - 7 Deadly S[K]ins  Designer Circle special ed. V2
Shoes - HollyHood  black fishbone
taxi to DC is in sidebar
Snooze and you will lose......
Time is running out.
While you are out and about, take time to check out this build A rusted Developmnt

1st picture is taken at LEA1 - A RUSTED DEVELOPMENT  an artist creation now being featured in SL.  Built by Haveit Neox and featuring work by Rose Borchovski, Artistide Despres, Claudia222 Jewell, Bryn Oh, Scottius Polke, Ziki Questi, PJ Trenton, Blue Tsuki, Stephen Venkman, Eliza Wierwight, and Trill Zapatero. Curated by Rowan Derryth.

The Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) was established to help create a center of arts activity in Second Life. It is a collaborative venture between Linden Lab and the arts community. Through its exhibitions, programs, and events, the LEA fosters awareness of artists’ contributions to our virtual world and encourages others to get involved and be inspired.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pose sets @ Designer Circle #55

There are pose sets being offered in this round of Designer Circle 55.  Xsa was vamping for the camera wearing the Abia Capalini mesh Anel outfit.  The outfit comes with shoes and the sunglasses.  Shoes pretty ballerina slippers are not shown here.
Co*Motion offers you - Beauty Queen (regular)  and the smaller Petite version.  5 poses  Tiara and Bouquet
Frozen   4 coffee cup poses, cup is included    and a couples pose Seduction
The shoes being worn are the same ones from the earlier blog from HollyHood.

For Xsa's coordinates, see previous blog.  She is a LeLutka model.
Designer Circle - link in sidebar 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DC #55 goes to Nashville Row

Nashville Music Row

Country Western, Country Club, Country Music, Country, Western, Music, Live, Saloon, Honky Tonk, Line Dance, Live Singers, Nashville, Ryman Auditorium, Tootsies, Rock & Roll. Rock n Roll, music row, shopping, store rentals,blues, weddings, photo studio

Xsa is dressed to the nines in a black sexy after hours dress by 1 Hundred. (ginger satin Mesh)   The black fishbone heels are from HollyHood complimented by a modern studded purse from Pure Poison,  manicured nails from Moondance Boutique.    All items are available in this round of Designer Circle. NOW.   link in sidebar

Hair - Truth - samantha - barley
Shape - Skin- brows LeLutka
AO  Vista Animations  Divine girls

"Act with Enthusiasm
If you put your whole heart into whatever you do, you will be able to appreciate any task at hand.  Take initiative in tackling your work or tasks."

Monday, May 27, 2013

Designer Circle #55

Its that time again, our Xsa has been deep in thought over which outfits she wanted to start with.  "There are far too many great buys" has been all we've been hearing now for hours, however we believe she has a good point, it is in your best interest to really get over to the Designer Circle and check out all the goodies for yourself.  link in sidebar
We traveled to EDO Daikoku-do : Japanese Shrine, EDO JAPAN ( Available Japanese traditional building, housing texture, nature sounds, and everything true Japanese materials.  Ninja, Japan, Buddah, Shinto Shrine   for the right background for this lovely summer classic dress.
The Spring Pastel Dress (yellow/orange) is from Wertina
The manicured nails are from Moondance Boutique - Metallic
Shoes- HollyHood Mesh Tan nautical Cali Wedge
Skin & Shape- .::WoW Skins::. Iman Nat Cl - Iman shape
Hair - Miss C.  Vilerno - copper 
Chinese doll earring set -  Phoebe -Piercings and more

What do all the above have in common - they are currently in the Designer Circle being offered to you at FAB. discounted price.

AO - Vista Animations Divine Girls

Till next time...
Beautiful Words Make for a Beautiful Soul.  PL

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vista Animations Hot & Spicy

Pair up a hot number by Sassy (Tryst) and the Vista Animations Hot and Spicy AO and you have lethal and unlawful HOT HOT HAWT.... coming close, you enter a Danger Zone - 
Jewelry - Beloved Jewelry - Drama set, earrings and necklace
Model, skin,makeup,hair Amacci  shape- Sonya - makeup- Siri nutmeg
Hair- Amacci - Masie -Ebony
Shoes- LOORDES OF LONDON  @ OTFC Cambridge pumps - Lilac
Eyes-  Pulse Rapture - Time
The shoes are also available in a dark emerald.  You'll find them both at the October Trending Fashion Chamber see link in side panel.

The Hot and Spicy walk is something else !!! watch yourself walk away.... You'll want to keep watching =^_^=

Saturday, May 25, 2013

"Natural" wonders and Fashion

Romantic walks with your cherished  partner on a sun filled day.  All these wonderful memories are made in beautiful and often very magical surroundings. 
In Second Life, we are blessed with a variety of artists who apply their talents to giving us millions of options for us to explore.  Our main focus here is usually fashion and accessories, however, to show off our wearable art, we search out the creativity of others for backdrops.  
Two Moon Gardens is at the Home Expo, if you don't already know their work, while at the Expo, make sure to visit their display and grab a landmark.
   ✰'`Own your own piece of paradise-.✰
            Instant Gardens, Venues and Skybox Gardens. 

                  Perfect landscaping in an instant. 

We asked aloToi to wear another version of the Slave dress she had on yesterday, this is one that I quite fancy because of the nature theme.  See how lovely the dress is out when walking or actually anywhere, at anytime, it is simple yet captivating.

aloToi's is herself today, Shape and Skin - Pulse Valeries, Pearl #1 cleavage
Hair- NEW from Amacci - Clara - Brown Sugar
AO Vista Animations - Urban Sexy Chic

Home Expo Sponsored By: Cheeky Pea, HOME EXPO 2

"Let's First Accept and Appreciate Things as They Are."  PL

Friday, May 24, 2013

Home Expo -

Every year we've tried to get time to visit the Home Expo.  Today we made it in.  Sponsored By: Roawenwood, HOME EXPO

The darling little number that AloToi is wearing is  from SLAVE we are completely enamored with this dress (Blair) it comes in delightful textures, each one gives it a different look.
Skin, is new from Amacci  Siri (Pearl) -02 ruby,  Lip Tattoo #10, eyes Amacci's grey brown -big
Hair is also new from Amacci  - Gaby henna
Shoes - Felicity - Kelsey stilettos - silver
AO  Vista Animations Urban sexy chic
Alo's personal avatar is Pulse Valeries/pearl

Come on down to wander and explore the Home Expo.  There is a lot to see.
The 6th Annual Home & Garden Expo - May 24th thru June 2nd. The Expo features all areas of home and land decor in SL. Returning for its 2nd season visit the BREEDABLES FAIR, too! Both in support of Relay For Life!

"Look for Ways to Make Others as Well as Yourself Happy"  PL

Thursday, May 23, 2013

blah BLAH blah and Eyelure

We caught our Xsa trying to get out for her "date" without say good morning.  She looked so fetching we insisted we take pictures.  This went over like a lead balloon.  She wanted away.  But we did impose on her to let us take a few pictures.  The pants are from blah BLAH blah, mesh Karma pants, they come in black, blue,ginger,green,pink,purple,red and teal.  show here are the blue.  From the back or front they are showstoppers.

The little top is from Eyelure and is part of a yoga outfit that is currently on sale at Designer Circle.  The pants were previewed in an earlier blog/  The shoes are from HollyHood, and they too are currently on sale at DC.  Here is your limo to :blah.BLAH.blah::Womens Casual Sexy Clothing Shoes Accessories
Having taken our pictures we left Xsa to enjoy the rest of her day off  privately.  Longer and we might have been wearing a shoe print on our foreheads.

We took our pictures @ SKY SCULPTURES GALLERY - Sculpty statues-avatars-art gallery, Ub Yifu Sculptures   Ub Yifu Tour Galllery -Sculpture in sculpties by Ub Yifu-Custom work-LOTR-abstract-fantasy-sculptures-sculpty-sculpted-VIP-gift-art-arts-creation-avatar-avatars-sexy-celebrities-graffiti-statues-museum-escultura-statue-sculptor-freebies-romance-love
About Ub Yifu
-- In second life to be creative, i m reproducing some famous sculptures in SL. 
If you want to see my work come to my sky sculpture gallery shown in my favorite places.
I also do commissionned work. deliverable to OPEN SIMS ! IM me to know more..
-- Sur SL  depuis 2007 je me suis lance dans la sculpture en reproduisant des peintures et sculptures en 3 dimensions. 
Visitez ma sky sculpture galerie dans l'onglet lieux favoris. Je travaille aussi sur commande.

N'hésitez pas à me IM pour plus d'i

Once You Make up Your Mind,Things Will Begin to Happen -Perfect LIberty

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

PM Brandy Dress

PurpleMoon Brandy Dress, look great, anytime, anyplace.
Vista Animation Urban Sexy Chic
Truth - hair - Julia fudge
Pulse - Valeries shape,skin Valeries pearl #3 cl
Felicity - shoes Elyse wedge
Amacci grey/brown eyes -big
Ear Candy jewelry  (Maeve Mortlock)

:: PM :: PurpleMoon Creations

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

October Trending Fashion Chamber 5/20/13

Currently in the OTFC showroom is this absolutely charming outfit from IMaGE Factory called Darla dress a white skirt with a modest polka dot blouse, the combination is deceiving.  At first glance it appears to be such a prim outfit. especially in a picture, when worn it is a different story.  It moves with the model and teases with every breath she takes. Our models wear the Vista Animation AOs that breathe, and only Vista Animations.
In a location where art abounds, our model is a walking delight.
Darla dress from IMaGE Factory @ OTFC
shoes - Felicity - Nadine
hair - [e] Caramel - Blonde 04
makeup/skin POUDRE Whitesnow - group gift
alo's shape is also from POUDRE  Plume
eyes - POUDRE Bright 11  05
Shot on location - 
Antiques at Antiki-Taki and Art Deco, Art Nouveau and more
Affordable and original low prim antiques, rugs, pictures, stained glass, soft furnishings, wall panels, tapestries, wall sculptures, also art deco, art nouveau and much much more. On 3 Floors. Includes B&H Designs, for Crowns, Coronets and Tiara's

"Begin your day with appreciation" (PL)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Dancing @ Daisy Doukes Country

DAISY DOUKES COUNTRY,  This is what they say about their venue.
Daisy Doukes is a country club, we have a country western theme line dancing, intan,live entertainment,barrel racing,bull riding,rodeo bronco,pan gold mining,powwow,fishing,greedy table,sorry game board,west town, shopping,wedding venue,fort, sploders
We had forgotten how enticing country can be, Xsa was up there dancing, and there was no getting her to stop.
There will be more pictures on flickr - link in sidebar
Drop on over and check out the sounds.  Get your groove back.
HollyHood Chained Heels   Holly mesh white sparkles chained heels
Modern Couture Jewelry -Kezir
Wertina - slogan shirt
Eyelure - yoga skinnies pants
all of the above are now on sale at the Designer Circle
link in sidebar 

Masoom @ Designer Circle

This delightful cocktail dress (Mira, Masoom), in shades of black and gray has a very fresh look.  The designer has used lace and texture to pull together a look that is young, and stylish.  Paired with a pair of Enkythings crocodile Cyan boots, Xsa has shown the dress can be funky and upscale at the same time.
Uptown,downtown, after five dinners,this little number will be a versatile addition to your wardrobe.  Scoot on down to the Designer Circle while it is still on sale there.
The delicate feline jewelry, earrings and necklace are from Fulo's main shop.
They are on display at the front counter.
Hair - Diva  "Asami" type A, ruby
Nails - Bens Beauty, mustache square nails
Xsa is of course, LeLutka  today's makeup IFE light 4
few more pictures on flickr - see sidebar

Taken on location Egoisme

The Garage Designer Fair 2013

Look what we found!
The Garage Designer Fair 2013- Exclusive Items- Gifts- Bazaar,
There are a lot of familiar names participating.  We have not had time to really do a walk around, but from what we have seen, there are some good
check it out - May 15 - 31st. 2013   Designing/HuntingBlogging

Store Sponsor:
ArisAris, *Anymore, Latreia, 1Hundred. DEW, Sassy!, Mirror Enigma, K-Code, Yokana, BDS, FBD, Envyme, Legal Insanity, Modish, No Name, Shine, MM5 Design, Blow Up, Liv Glam, *Just You Jewellry** 
Sponsor Social Network: Moolto.

Take the taxi and have fun! (link provided above)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Belle Epoque

Nothing sets my heart a flutter more than a build that reaches in and tugs at my "nesting" strings.  Every once in awhile, like all seasoned SL citizens, a clean up of landmarks is a must to keep a tidy inventory.  I hit a LM for a clothing store and found myself in an enchanting setting of residential homes and boutiques.  Belle Epoque
Charm, tranquility,I had to find out more. This is what they say in their description.
casual, fashion, clothes, pants, jeans, shirts, shoes, accessories, home, female shapes, female skins,  prefabs, houses, Funky Junk, Savoir Faire Shapes,  LeBloom,  freebies,  photos, furniture  
/*Sky:"[Places Cornfield]"Water:"[Pond]"*/
Some of the homes might be private residences, so please check before getting too close.However, this is a slice of paradise.. do check it out.  If you are searching for a home/house, building, or landscaping, this might just tick your boxes.
This is a cutie, pictures do not show you how lovely this little community is.  Grab the taxi provided above and visit.   pictures on flickr

Paris Metro Couture 5.19

Paris Metro Couture - Women's Formal Wear Gowns, San Diego City  picture is taken outside the Paris Metro Couture shop in San Diego.

Bohemian Rhapsody  by Paris Metro Couture is an outfit that is a Diva must have for the summer events where one can show off our tan and curves.  The color and texture of this bold design is flattering against almost any skin color.
AloToi is wearing [Modern Couture] jewelry - spring color earrings
Lindy Moira white and pink shoes (mesh) 
AO- Vista Animations Urban Sexy hud
Shape is POUDRE Plum
Skin  Dulce Secrets - Neeli Amaretto Full 
Makeup - Dulce Secrets -Soft Pink Blossom
Eyes - POUDRE (Bright II)  05
Hair - Truth    Wilma - tahiti

Female Skins and Makeup by Dulce Secrets Mainstore ,

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ice Roses Club

Saturday May 18 All Day - come and enjoy the fabulous grand opening of the

Presenting The Ice Roses Club, a winter and ice-themed club housed in a 5-story ice castle, full of fun surprises!!


1-3 PM -  DJ Zee - Big Band and Jazz!!!!
3-4 PM -  HELVIS - LIVE! Best Elvis Ever!!!
4-5 PM -  DJ Caron - Eclectic set of Jazz & World Music
5-7 PM -  DJ Kara Mantha - Classic Rock & Jazz
7-8 PM -  Ichie Kamachi - LIVE! Jazz & Blues
8-9 PM -  DJ Henri - Blues set until ?????

There will be conduct castle tours all day - VIP Lounge, Cigar Bar (with grape stomping!), ground floor patio and castle tower.

Xsa found this oasis on one of the floors.  There is also an inviting seating area, with a fireplace.   Oh right.. somehow we can't see our lovely Xsa stomping grapes, can you?

The owners seem to have a lot planned out to ensure that their customers have a good time.  Be sure to check out the club, everyone will be doing their best to see that you have fun.
Xsa's dress is from Designer Circle - blah.BLAH.blah mesh Eva dress in charcoal
Shoes- Felicity - Jessica stilettos faded red leather
Necklace - Alienbear "Ai" Love unisex 
Star Earrings - Fulo 
Nail/manicure - Bens Beauty, mustache square nails
AO  Vista animations - value fem
Xsa's wears LeLutka /eclat Jade shape, makeup IFE Light makeup 4, hair - Bonjour
more pictures on flickr

Friday, May 17, 2013

TGIF Thank goodness its Friday!

LOL What does Xsa do on her day off?  She shops.  After meeting at the Designer Circle patio for a coffee and a brief meeting with us, she was going off to shop the stores in the mall of the Designer Circle.  We know that she in fact loves the beaches and ocean views that are around the stores.  We caught her standing on a bank under the palms just listening to the incoming waves.
The fab dress she is wearing is Amarelo Manga Amora gown  with its own
necklace,ring and earrings.
Her glasses of course are from Fulo - Rosita  and she is still wearing her Holly mesh earth blend sandals from HollyHood  her comment when we asked her how come she was wearing them again, was simply, "I like them, they go with everything and are comfortable, sue me!"  Xsa Xsa Xsa such attitude, it has to be those embellished sunnies from Fulo, she feels like a "star" in them.  I think she got every color for her own wardrobe.
We left her to her shopping and her wanderings.  If you see her around nosing about, she's on the prowl ...
Enjoy the day - shop till you drop - have fun !

Xsa is a LeLutka model (Jade) her personal stats are in the last blog

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Designer Circle 5.16.13

We had a long day yesterday, after checking back at Designer Circle we took advantage of the outdoor patio and just enjoyed the rest of the day. Xsa
was feeling pretty perky in the new Sassy offerings of a sexy tied under the bust, shirt that accentuated her curves The high waist line on the pants was the perfect coordinate for the top.  Wanting to keep the Designer Circle look, she put on the HollyHood - Holly Mesh earth blend roman sandals painted her toes a shade to go with the Sassy outlook and et voila.

Most poses (standing) used are also in the round at DC. from {Co*Motion} shine on.  (in the store you will see a poster showing all the posses) 

Xsa is a LeLutka model (Jade) her makeup,lashes eyes all LeLutka, skin is Eclat STan-make up 3, light brows  Hair is Lelutka Rush, blonde fun

Since you couldn't get a good look at Xsa's footwear, we have a picture for you on flickr. check it out.  Last but not least, we are showing off another of the colors in the Fulo sunglasses.

So DahLINGS, happy shopping!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Designer Circle 54

Va Va VA Boom !  Chic a laca sisBoom-BA!

Oh Mama this presentation from Designer Circle ROCKS!
::: Mu Shi Doll::: gives us this oh so sexy cross back dress - Leo Gold
Calico Ingmann Creations - Melody - Sunkissed hair is gorgeous

Worn by the lovely  Step inSide  model SILVA
Makeup/skin is also from Step inSide normal CL

Accessories Phoebe - piercings (DC52), Orion Ring comes with 14 gem hud
Pure Poison gives us theRayssa spiked cikkar - black
Graffitiwear - Ice Bracelet, not shown are earrings and necklace to match.
Shoes - Gyala beige with dark base -Enkythings

Taken on location Mau Loa Romance
Designer Circle limo in side bar.

Happy shopping......... more pictures on flickr