Tuesday, April 16, 2013

VoguE and Bliss Couture

My first assignment today was to check out the sale at Bliss.  It was rather interesting to feel like Alice in Wonderland, lost in the world of Bliss Couture.
The Discount rooms are clearly marked, under 99L, Under 149L etc. One just doesn't know which room to go into first.  There is something there for any budget. 

Designs you might have only dreamed of owning are now very affordable.  There are a lot of Bliss dolls out there, don't miss this opportunity.  If you don't know about Bliss Couture, then this is the time for you to take the limo and explore.  *Bliss Couture* Discount Outlet Closing Sale up to 90% OFF!! 
Did I mention that there is a Bliss Couture Hair being offered FREE

My next stop was *VoguE* MAINSTORE - CASUAL, GOWN, DRESSES, LINGERIE, VoguE Fashion   Fashion Pulse VoguE       VoguE Offers beautiful selection of sophisticated, stylish fashion range, both Casual and Formal. Gown dress Freebie Gift Jeans Leather Lingerie Models Outfits 
There are many young ladies out there who want to model, and junior models aspiring for the high fashion jobs.  This is a shop you want on your MUST SEE list.  Currently to join the store's group Style with Attitude, its FREE, it may not be for long.  Get on down and join up, know what is coming up, follow the trends.

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