Saturday, April 13, 2013

Trompe Loeil

Imposing isn't it,  This is the entrance to the main Trompe Loeil store in Hyde park.   Trompe Loeil Mainstore & Hucci Mainstore, Hyde Park.  You will recall that Xsa did the blog from Collabor88 the other day, and that is when she discovered the furniture from this shop.  She talked endlessly about the chair and the three seater that were featured earlier in the week.  Having decided to stay on for awhile, she has gotten herself a house, and is now busy furnishing it with furniture from Trompe Loeil.
The furniture is copy and modify,  Buying one chair you are able to copy it several times to give you the number of seats you want.  The three seater has  multiple choices of fabric textures.  the seating that Xsa purchased was made exclusively for Collabor88.
In going to the main store, you of course get to see the wide range of furniture that they have to offer,  In the various price ranges, and options that are available in the different settings.
Whether your taste runs from modern, retro, to period, you will find that they Trompe Loeil Mainstore will have something for you.  Including an area with landscaping items.  Xsa was on a limited budget, and she was able to find items that thrilled her to pieces. Her Linden home allows for so many prims, she has to count carefully, Trompe Loeil gives style, and watches prim counts.
Xsa's makeup/skin - [PXL]Kat nat 7 sins Envy  another designer she found by being part of the Collabor88 group
Hair - Diva - also from Collabor88.    Jewelry is from BONITA Jewelry
Dress - (CC) Black Bangle Belt Dress
Shoes - enkythings  Yarna black
Nails (NO) ManekiNeko nails 

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