Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Fortress of Cowdenbethe

Magical.  the Fortress is "under construction" we loved it. Work was all but forgotten as we strolled along and took in the sights.  There is an atmosphere that is compelling, you find yourself wanting see around the corner, to go just a little further to discover what is around the huge tree.  landscaping and ambiance draw you in, till you find yourself surrounded by lush vegetation, and ruins.

"Come and explore the beautiful ruins of The Fortress of Cowdenbethe, Marvel at what civilization lived in such a place and what happened to them. "
We were a bit confused, the land information gives us La Petite Mort which is a area devoted to adult furniture and the likes.  Believe us, had this been what we found, we would have turned tail and left.  However, we discovered a wonderland.  We will try to give you a landmark that takes you to the fortress. The Fortress of Cowdenbethe, Map
Suggested setting is Morning Glory Windlight (environment setting)
Kudos to the builders for this gem!

model - Plume POUDRE
skin,eyes,lipgloss,  POUDRE 
jewelry -Beloved Jewelry -pewter chain necklace and earrings
hair- Vanity Hair - Lula -golden
shoes- Felicity - Briana - gold
Red Carpet gown ~Sassy!~ Rising star
few more pictures on Flickr - link sidebar

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