Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Standing room only @ Collabor88

We don't know exactly what was going on last night at COLLABOR88 WWW.COLLABOR88.COM,  we can tell you that we tried for a very long time to get in.  When we finally did, it was full to brimming over. So full that it was impossible to see things, everything was gray.  Xsa did try to get inside, but 
that was very slow going, unable to get a clear picture  it was decided to return later.
If you have yet to experience such a moment, take it from me, return when it is less crowded. Xsa is a seasoned model, having worked with us back about 5 years ago.  We left her there to fend. 
Today we try again, Xsa is still standing in a sea of hopeful shoppers waiting for the lag to ease so that the vendor boards can be seen. (6:29a.m. SL time)
we can see the Diva hair that is featured this month across the room (188L)
Diva usually always offers you two versions of one style .. good buy.
11:10 a.m. SL time - the traffic in the shop has not abated.
We are unable to get good pictures due to the slow rez.
Nylon Outfitters .................Ingenue..................Marukin
Tres Blah...........Guese..................r2 Fashion............PXL Creations
Maxi Gossamer Jewellery........ House of Hucci .......bOOM.......
the vendor boards that we were able to catch with the camera will be on flickr,, we will attempt
to visit again during the week to see all the showcases.
chair Xsa is sitting in, is from [ba] Barnesworth part of a retro living room set.
13 piece set - 31 prims, mod/copy perms. sing and couple animations and props with easy to operate menus 188 L$

Xsa's hair - Diva, shoes- Enkythings khan, makeup/skin - POUDRE April gift
and her flirty teal/blue dress is from Graffitiwear (Chalice Piers)

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