Monday, April 22, 2013

Rue D'Antibes: French Shopping District

Only in Second Life can we take a day trip to Rue D'Antibes: French Shopping District Sim  we were delighted to see the shops so full, and many known designers to us from the showcase groups that bring us the Designer specials

"A Small Quaint French Village by the Sea. Shopping Experiences Abound! 
Pre-fabs, clothing, textures, shoes, shapes, accessories, furniture, hair, mesh, winter, snow, shopping, sales, free, freebies, fashion, avatars, holiday, events,fireworks, 2013"
Barnes Boutique is non other than the  designer who has the furniture at Collabor88. here he sells Mens clothing, acessories for men and women, mens/unisex shoes, glasses, purses, hats, mens underwear, suits, sweaters, jackets
Look, new shop Delicioso Designs  complete avatar, makeup tattoo, skin 3 tones, shape,eyes,prim lashes hair, eyebrow shape,mesh dress, boots, etc. incl basic AO for
only $399 Lindens, some have more than one piece of clothing and jewelry.  I'd say that is a good buy. This shop even sells the hair alone and poses
Own a yacht, planning to attend gatherings on the water this summer.  This shop specializes in some nice casuals that might do the trip." Yacht Club Clothiers  has travel-inspired, timeless clothing with many mesh items that bend well with the body. Yacht Club clothing is perfect for sailing the RIviera on your Yacht, or happily cuddling at home on your Safari Outpost sofa!"
Here I am taking it easy in the lovely lounge area of this shop.  All items are for sale, for your leisure pleasures.  Yes those are wheels on my shoes, the brain child of Enktan Gully (Enkythings) a fashion shoe with wheels, great for getting around when you have a lot to see.
Traveling outfit is from Liv Glam, currently being offered at Designer Circle (link in side bar)  Hat and hair Charlotte, are from Tameless  and are currently on sale on the second floor of the main store.
Nails - ..Bens Beauty.. Mustache square nails (from the Cosmetic Fair)
Eyeshadow - Sunny   MONS  (Cosmetic Fair)
Lipstick -glossy pink Nemezi   (Cosmetic Fair)
Skin - PXL creations   Sophia Natural - spring (VIP gift)
Avatar - Anna Shapes - Morena    modified
Earrings - Baccara rhodes, gold domes

Till next time - shop and explore!

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