Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Qyhat's exhibit in Raglan Shire

The time has arrived - Qyhat's exhibit (Qyhat Harbour) in Raglan Shire @ Raglan Tree Gallery in Raglan Shire Where Tinies play  - Her exhibit will run from April 1, through till end of May 2013.  Qyhat has been going through pictures for over a month, digging out pieces that will show her eclectic way of expressing her "art form".  We hope you will have time to visit the exhibit.
This kitten, was her contribution to an egg shell competition.  It is a collage.
Some of the bigger garden pieces, driftwood sculptures and wooden characters are now in other homes/stores and no longer in her life, Doing this exhibit allowed her to revisit past works, "it has been a most rewarding time for me" says the artist, " I'm in a different place and time now, so seeing these past expressions has been very joyful"
Here our model ( plume POUDRE) stands beside one of Q's earlier pictures where she was exploring the use of an SL avatar for a photo statement. Somewhere in her files is a short story, where this avatar had a starring role.
Q has profiled some of her photography, sculptures, carvings, felting,mixed media, as she says "a little of this and a little of that"  The exhibit is open to everyone, big, tall, small, one and all!  
Plume is wearing makeup by POUDRE, (lip gloss,eyelashes, eyes, skin)
hair - Amacci Sarek streaked (with hud)
shoes- Lindy Modern and Retro - Gabby (with color hud)
outfit + jewelry  Graffitiwear - (Chalice Piers)  Black Ice /Animal Print jumper and brown gauze leggings

Mark your calendars April 6th. Saturday, there is going to be a formal grand opening party for the two artist in the next round at the Raglan Tree Gallery
Time 12 pm - 3 pm SLT.  (limo is in the first paragraph of this edition )

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