Thursday, April 25, 2013

OTFC for men

October Trending Fashion Chamber does  have specials for the men in our lives,  shown here are a couple of the items in the current venue.   Below - SHEY - Paco mesh sweater, comes with a color hud, shown here is a dusky maroon 
Photo shoot location Blue Bay Beach and Dance Club, Black Orchid

The NEW Nat's Jazz Club, Detroit City  - Soothing sounds of Jazz -trowzer.boa on sax check his web site for when he is available in SL or RL  

The jeans, jacket and T, are all part of the outfit offered up by designer, Dragon Lady's Closet.  The jeans are a great fit.  We found that the ensemble has a lot of multi purpose uses.  A friend was playing at club, where the dress code is more formal.  Obviously in jeans and a T, we were under dressed.  However, the dark shirt,and the quality of the cut and shading in the jeans, had our model looking very presentable.

model- Johan Belleza   skin- Belleza - Johan medium 5
hair - Redgrave (0!) David - dark blonde
Shoes- Classic Sneakers - Whisky - Redgrave
AO - Vista - Dangerous man

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