Thursday, April 4, 2013

In Wonderland ?

Chiaroscuro Elven GLBT mature sim  " For Fae: Elven, Fairy, Drow, Satyr and more.  Dark mysteries and bright magic, elven, faery frolicks and fun.   Dragon Tours!  Gay Elven Mature Pagan sims.  Groups Chiaroscuro & Gay Fairies.  Join us, wonderful community, sky homes too."  

MYTHOS MAIN STORE, Metatheria -buildings for sale, the place is really nicely landscaped, don't know if the landscape is for sale also. (Karalia Halostar)
Our model, Kerly POUDRE was back with us today, her hair style is Vanity Hair, Babette noir, makeup/skin is POUDRE Jasmine M.P. 02 C1 02, the delicious eyes, POUDRE Bright II 04

The delightful perky strapless evening dress, is a ~Sassy!~ design, Anastasia  in violet.   The shoes are from Felicity, these shoes are wonderful for dancing, nice feminine heel, with a dainty strap around the ankle.  Extra nice, is a color changing hud for the flower on the shoe. 
Jewelry is Beloved Jewelry - Strands of  chunky beads (color changing beads)
in some pictures our model is wearing black, and in others the light purple.
more pictures on flickr

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