Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Designer Circle

:: Designer Circle ::. - THE DISCOUNT STORE,  My body was tired, I've used it now for over 5 years.  Yes it has had time off, but I felt in need of something younger.  Anna Shapes to the rescue.  AloToi had told me of her shapes, and here at Designer Circle, I had the opportunity of trying out Morena.  I loved it.  Here you see me in front of the Anna Shapes vendor.
I am pleased with the results, the object was to find a body that would not change my facial appearance.  I've reached a stage in life, where I am content with who I am, and what I look like.  On the cover of Vogue last September I saw the heading " Hair is the new makeup -Fall's most fearless trend".  I believe that. 

.The dress is available in the Designer Circle in two colors, the red I am wearing and a black/silver. There are actually several outfits that I would like to have, but I couldn't take them all, maybe another time.  Sassy in particular has a black Bombshell dress that looks stunning.  I bought the Fulo earrings to go with the dress, then found that the dress came with its own jewelry.  You'll see the Fulo earring soon, they are fab!  Better still get down to DC !

Grab the taxi and come shop!  check out the red ball gown from Graffitiwear behind me... and the shorty sexy minis from Eyelure they are on my want list.
We all have one readers...^^ 

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