Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cosmetic Fair 2013

Finally a day with time to spare.  Headed for the COSMETIC FAIR 2013 - April 15/30,  A lot to take in.  What a wonderful idea.  If you have been around as long as I have, you have a lot of skins in your inventory.  Some are simply too old, and lack the life of the newer skins.  Other's however, old favorites, have that comfort feeling, a little makeup will go along way at jazzing them up.  Or
its spring and you want a totally new look.  Come on over and check things out.
Here is where you get to see new designers, find out what your favourite designers have out new for the spring.  They are all in one place.  Best of all,
often items are prices especially well for the fair.
It takes a lot of work, organizing and collaboration to bring this event to you,
the designers pull together to give you, their appreciated customers a chance to enjoy their products all under one roof.
We came in the wee hours to try and get pictures without a lot of customers around, yet even at this hour, there are people arriving on a steady basis.  The only negative, if I have one at all, is that the place is dark.  However on the other side of the coin, the products all shine. 
Yours truly (Xsa) will be back later to shop  =^_^= meanwhile, grab the taxi provided at the start, and come on down to check this fair out! 

Earrings - Fulo- Star you'll find them at the Designer Circle -now-
Hair - Tameless Zabrina - brown - on sale at Tameless -now-
Necklace - Periquita heart soul necklace
Shoes -  Felicity - Farah 
Funky outfit - Mu Shi Doll Sweet Mini Dress   Flowers tights - these are also
on sale now in the currrent Designer Circle
my skin and makeup PXL creations  Sophia nat. spring  VIP gift

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