Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 7 - New discoveries

October Studios Photography and the OFTC, October Enterprises  -  wearing a fabulous Paris Metro Couture design - The Madien-Copper and feeling like a princess at a ball, our model Kerly POUDRE  wanted a place that had the haute couture ambiance that she felt the dress merited.  October Studios is one of the locations that " rocked our socks"...  Not only is it a beautiful build, it has dresses and jewelry for sale that YOU dear reader won't want to miss.
This wonderful oasis has other shops you will want to explore The Muse Poses." The Muse Poses, creates high quality run away and photography poses."  Tired of the same old poses, check this place out.

Visit October Studio and enjoy a display of photos grouped in various categories. If you are developing your own portfolio or want something that is unique to you for your profile, this might be the studio to visit for more information.

makeup/skin/eyes/ POUDRE Sandy - MP- 06
Jewelry - Elemental- Sylvain  (now on sale at Designer Showcase)
Shoes- Felicity -sin                   Hair - Amacci   Maddie  ash blonde

Few more pictures on Flickr


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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful review of October Studios and the Sim. I would love to invite you to become a regular blogger for the OFTC. Please contact either me, October Bettencourt or Audrey Cresci.