Monday, April 29, 2013

:.::HOT STUFF::.: and Manuela by Akeruka

model - Manuela Akeruka
skin - Akeruka - Manuela light MK5
hair - [e] charmed - red
Outfit - Penelope pants, top, earrings,necklace, ring, shoes :.:: Hot Stuff::.:
picture frame prop and pose - Xpozed
:.::Hot Stuff::.: Since 2010, SALATISSIMA

Akeruka Italian Creations - HQ Skins & Shapes -

Graffitiwear by Chalice Piers

"All Graffitiwear designs are created with hand drawn original textures and no templates are used to make our layered clothing. Come visit Graffitiwear for our special weekend sales for up to 50% off and find great bargains throughout the week. Play fun games, do some hunts, win awesome prizes, and receive amazing group gifts every month. Happy shopping! "

Friday, April 26, 2013

When the cat is away

The mice will play.  AloToi is off on a holiday, so  guess where I'm going.....
Fairelands Junction ~ Sponsored by Oceania Breedables,

When you land you have different portals to choose from.  Heaven.  It may be a few days before I resurface =^_^=  It won't be on for ever, so don't miss your chance to visit.

Make sure to have your sound on to hear the storylines.... immerse yourself in the experience. 

skin - PXL creations  Sophia tan wine
hair [e]  Vivid - blonde
dress - [Cynful] Kamalin    TDR (The Dressing room)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

OTFC for men

October Trending Fashion Chamber does  have specials for the men in our lives,  shown here are a couple of the items in the current venue.   Below - SHEY - Paco mesh sweater, comes with a color hud, shown here is a dusky maroon 
Photo shoot location Blue Bay Beach and Dance Club, Black Orchid

The NEW Nat's Jazz Club, Detroit City  - Soothing sounds of Jazz -trowzer.boa on sax check his web site for when he is available in SL or RL  

The jeans, jacket and T, are all part of the outfit offered up by designer, Dragon Lady's Closet.  The jeans are a great fit.  We found that the ensemble has a lot of multi purpose uses.  A friend was playing at club, where the dress code is more formal.  Obviously in jeans and a T, we were under dressed.  However, the dark shirt,and the quality of the cut and shading in the jeans, had our model looking very presentable.

model- Johan Belleza   skin- Belleza - Johan medium 5
hair - Redgrave (0!) David - dark blonde
Shoes- Classic Sneakers - Whisky - Redgrave
AO - Vista - Dangerous man

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Fortress of Cowdenbethe

Magical.  the Fortress is "under construction" we loved it. Work was all but forgotten as we strolled along and took in the sights.  There is an atmosphere that is compelling, you find yourself wanting see around the corner, to go just a little further to discover what is around the huge tree.  landscaping and ambiance draw you in, till you find yourself surrounded by lush vegetation, and ruins.

"Come and explore the beautiful ruins of The Fortress of Cowdenbethe, Marvel at what civilization lived in such a place and what happened to them. "
We were a bit confused, the land information gives us La Petite Mort which is a area devoted to adult furniture and the likes.  Believe us, had this been what we found, we would have turned tail and left.  However, we discovered a wonderland.  We will try to give you a landmark that takes you to the fortress. The Fortress of Cowdenbethe, Map
Suggested setting is Morning Glory Windlight (environment setting)
Kudos to the builders for this gem!

model - Plume POUDRE
skin,eyes,lipgloss,  POUDRE 
jewelry -Beloved Jewelry -pewter chain necklace and earrings
hair- Vanity Hair - Lula -golden
shoes- Felicity - Briana - gold
Red Carpet gown ~Sassy!~ Rising star
few more pictures on Flickr - link sidebar

The Dressing Room FUSION

Oh happy days!  Took a friend over to The Dressing Room FUSION to introduce her to the shop.  Being new barely 8 months old, she was keen to find quality at a price she could afford.  However, it was a bonanza trip for Xsa. she found several items to her liking, makeup/skin, eyes, earrings and dress.  Her cart was full, our friend also did well, we all agreed it was a very worthwhile outing.

(Milk Motion) vintage dress -mesh- citrus      TDR
YS&YS  Ignotic eyes - green                          TDR
A&A.F.j. The spring is here Earrings              TDR
skin & lashes  - Al Vulo!  Aisha smoky dark brow cl     TDR
shadow - Fish Strawberry - Allure -faded lipstick orange
Hair- Calla lavender reds (golden red)
Avatar - Leticia REDGRAVE
Shoes- Enkythings -  Yarna -amber

There is a set of Pink Acid lipstick glass that was a must have...  Xsa did get it, so watch for it in future blogs.
There are more pictures on Flickr -link in side bar. 
We were unable to stop Xsa from doing the pony or whatever, so Xsa dear, you'll see what we were seeing =^_^=
Shot on location - Runaround Sue's 50's 60's Sock Hop Rock n Roll,

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Gallery Gift Shop, Zapico

Are they not adorable?  This was not our destination, but seeing these guys, we had to stop.  Turns out there was more to see, so we did our photo shoot here.  Please drop over and have a look, read their blog.The Gallery Gift Shop   It is really nice during a busy week to take a mini vacation, and chill.

Their new rotations begin in the middle of each month.
DESIGNER CIRCLE is nearing the end of this showcase.  Don't miss out on the wonderful summer outfits that have been presented at discount savings.  @ DC
Red/black mini mesh dress Alessia virtually backless ! Vivace ! this delightful number comes in black and white if the red is too passionate for you =^_^=
Skin- .:: Pink Cherry::. Milane Butter - gorgeous lips NM   @ DC
Avatar - Anna shape - Morena   mod       @DC
Hair - Curious Kitties (free) Nyanotech 09-1A
Shoes - Enkythings  Ekota T black

limo to Designer Circle is in side bar.... Happy Shopping

Monday, April 22, 2013

American Cancer Society

What  beautiful grounds, landscaping and setting.  It is not the first visit here, but somehow it looks different. American Cancer Society,  we started out looking for a link to the Fantasy Faire which runs Apr 20 - 28th. (Relay for Life of SL 2013). but found the grounds so lovely we decided to stay and walk around.
This was Xsa's evening with the camera, but AloToi check out the earlier blog and wanted to show the results of her shopping spree. ~Sassy~! Envy me dress (mesh) pearl, Hair style [e] Escape, blonde 07 Earrings - Eluzion -Akasha, her avatar, eyes,skin, makeup, boots, are all from the store we reported on earlier Delicioso Designs, 
Xsa's lovely dress will be on sale for one more week in the Designer Circle.  Pink Cherry's perky and fashionable after five dress - blue Sequin Neck holder.  It is also available in a black.  Skin - Bella DC tan 1 from Step inSide, Hairstyle -Diva - Marie,  The sparkling butterfly necklace, blue sapphire and blue and white diamante Virtual Impressions
Perfect looks for the upcoming social functions when you want to show off your tan, be comfortable and still have "diva style"

Rue D'Antibes: French Shopping District

Only in Second Life can we take a day trip to Rue D'Antibes: French Shopping District Sim  we were delighted to see the shops so full, and many known designers to us from the showcase groups that bring us the Designer specials

"A Small Quaint French Village by the Sea. Shopping Experiences Abound! 
Pre-fabs, clothing, textures, shoes, shapes, accessories, furniture, hair, mesh, winter, snow, shopping, sales, free, freebies, fashion, avatars, holiday, events,fireworks, 2013"
Barnes Boutique is non other than the  designer who has the furniture at Collabor88. here he sells Mens clothing, acessories for men and women, mens/unisex shoes, glasses, purses, hats, mens underwear, suits, sweaters, jackets
Look, new shop Delicioso Designs  complete avatar, makeup tattoo, skin 3 tones, shape,eyes,prim lashes hair, eyebrow shape,mesh dress, boots, etc. incl basic AO for
only $399 Lindens, some have more than one piece of clothing and jewelry.  I'd say that is a good buy. This shop even sells the hair alone and poses
Own a yacht, planning to attend gatherings on the water this summer.  This shop specializes in some nice casuals that might do the trip." Yacht Club Clothiers  has travel-inspired, timeless clothing with many mesh items that bend well with the body. Yacht Club clothing is perfect for sailing the RIviera on your Yacht, or happily cuddling at home on your Safari Outpost sofa!"
Here I am taking it easy in the lovely lounge area of this shop.  All items are for sale, for your leisure pleasures.  Yes those are wheels on my shoes, the brain child of Enktan Gully (Enkythings) a fashion shoe with wheels, great for getting around when you have a lot to see.
Traveling outfit is from Liv Glam, currently being offered at Designer Circle (link in side bar)  Hat and hair Charlotte, are from Tameless  and are currently on sale on the second floor of the main store.
Nails - ..Bens Beauty.. Mustache square nails (from the Cosmetic Fair)
Eyeshadow - Sunny   MONS  (Cosmetic Fair)
Lipstick -glossy pink Nemezi   (Cosmetic Fair)
Skin - PXL creations   Sophia Natural - spring (VIP gift)
Avatar - Anna Shapes - Morena    modified
Earrings - Baccara rhodes, gold domes

Till next time - shop and explore!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cosmetic Fair 2013

Finally a day with time to spare.  Headed for the COSMETIC FAIR 2013 - April 15/30,  A lot to take in.  What a wonderful idea.  If you have been around as long as I have, you have a lot of skins in your inventory.  Some are simply too old, and lack the life of the newer skins.  Other's however, old favorites, have that comfort feeling, a little makeup will go along way at jazzing them up.  Or
its spring and you want a totally new look.  Come on over and check things out.
Here is where you get to see new designers, find out what your favourite designers have out new for the spring.  They are all in one place.  Best of all,
often items are prices especially well for the fair.
It takes a lot of work, organizing and collaboration to bring this event to you,
the designers pull together to give you, their appreciated customers a chance to enjoy their products all under one roof.
We came in the wee hours to try and get pictures without a lot of customers around, yet even at this hour, there are people arriving on a steady basis.  The only negative, if I have one at all, is that the place is dark.  However on the other side of the coin, the products all shine. 
Yours truly (Xsa) will be back later to shop  =^_^= meanwhile, grab the taxi provided at the start, and come on down to check this fair out! 

Earrings - Fulo- Star you'll find them at the Designer Circle -now-
Hair - Tameless Zabrina - brown - on sale at Tameless -now-
Necklace - Periquita heart soul necklace
Shoes -  Felicity - Farah 
Funky outfit - Mu Shi Doll Sweet Mini Dress   Flowers tights - these are also
on sale now in the currrent Designer Circle
my skin and makeup PXL creations  Sophia nat. spring  VIP gift

Friday, April 19, 2013

more OTFC

We are delighted to have Angie (Stars) model for us today. She is seen here wearing Spring fling a  lovely mesh gown from Ruca Tease Fashions
Hair - [e] Later - blonde 01'
Jewelry N@N@ restored heart
Shoes -Felicity - Sin - Sapphire
Skin/makeup - Belleza - Chloe - med. group gift

Ever since we saw this outfit from [CD] Captive Design, we eyed it for review, now with Angie we saw our chance.  Angie drooled with anticipation, we let her do her thing.  She added late night blonde by Madrid Solo (Show Designs) and went off to change.
Shoes - Felicity - Sin - Ruby
Hair - Tameless - Shena - Cherrywood
to give the dramatic man eater look, the makeup is the Late night blonde  mentioned above..... by Madrid Solo
lipstick is by POUDRE  prugne
You can see the diversity that is offered at October Trending Fashion Chamber  OTFC, we are telling you dear reader, it is worth your time to
taxi over and check things out. - link is in our sidebar

photo shoot location - The Wash

More Designer Circle

Two outfits from Designer Circle - designer Eyelure.  Summer is coming, these dresses are adorable.
Eyelure Luminous Dress (mesh)     shoes - Felicity - Courtney, arctic blue - group gift         jewelry - SL - cosmic gold chain and earrings    skin/makeup Illusory - Love Caramel    shape/avatar - Anna shapes  Morena

Eyelure - Sexy Little Thing - Floral, right shoulder strap falls teasingly over the right shoulder.        shoes -Felicity - Jessica  group gift
Hair- Tameless - Lexi -light brown with streaks (one of the items that is on sale    @ Tameless.   Tameless Hair & Avatars,

Shot on location -  "AW" on SEmotion sim

Taxi to  .:: Designer Circle ::. - THE DISCOUNT STORE,

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Designer Circle - Apr.19

No matter our budget, we all like to shop, and we all like to shop smart..  With a new season just starting, we check out the fashion magazines and look at what we already have and reinvent our wardrobes.  We were happy to see that shoes are starting to look comfortable again.  there are still stiletto shoes out there, but they are not in the majority.

When pulling together today's look  we used ~Sassy!~ Bombshell navy mesh dress, complete with black over the elbow gloves  DC

Enkythings Sulaco shades black -dainty little go anywhere shoe.

jewelry -Graffitiwear's  Black Beauty earrings,bangles and necklace set. DC

Hair - Tameless - Lexi - Brown **note** there is a huge sale going on at Tameless right now, styles on the upper level of hair and avatars will be put away when the sale is over. Tameless Hair & Avatars,  Clearance sale ends May 1.2013
Shot on location -  Bayside Jazz & Blues Club,

Red Garden Party Gown -Graffitiwear - Chalice Piers @ DC
Link to Designer Circle in sidebar.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

OTFC lady in black

October's Trending Fashion Chamber presents the little black dress, by LMD
Josselyn dress (mesh) Raven  (Leri Miles Designs)  The dress wears like a dream.  Mesh it is, but it fits like a charm.  We put it through its paces while
visiting  Manifeste - The Art of Posing, the dress is sophisticated,elegant, so proper that it is alluringly sexy.
We thank Manifest - the Art of Posing for the use of their facilities
Shoe> Felicity-  Dream in Satin Black
Jewelery - Beloved Jewelry - Estate set (texture change)
Hair  [e]  Morning - blonde 09
Makeup - Belleza - Lily V2 med. gift
Avatar - Amacci - Melinda
Eyes - POUDRE    Bright II   04
a few more pictures on flickr

Designer Circle

:: Designer Circle ::. - THE DISCOUNT STORE,  My body was tired, I've used it now for over 5 years.  Yes it has had time off, but I felt in need of something younger.  Anna Shapes to the rescue.  AloToi had told me of her shapes, and here at Designer Circle, I had the opportunity of trying out Morena.  I loved it.  Here you see me in front of the Anna Shapes vendor.
I am pleased with the results, the object was to find a body that would not change my facial appearance.  I've reached a stage in life, where I am content with who I am, and what I look like.  On the cover of Vogue last September I saw the heading " Hair is the new makeup -Fall's most fearless trend".  I believe that. 

.The dress is available in the Designer Circle in two colors, the red I am wearing and a black/silver. There are actually several outfits that I would like to have, but I couldn't take them all, maybe another time.  Sassy in particular has a black Bombshell dress that looks stunning.  I bought the Fulo earrings to go with the dress, then found that the dress came with its own jewelry.  You'll see the Fulo earring soon, they are fab!  Better still get down to DC !

Grab the taxi and come shop!  check out the red ball gown from Graffitiwear behind me... and the shorty sexy minis from Eyelure they are on my want list.
We all have one readers...^^ 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

VoguE and Bliss Couture

My first assignment today was to check out the sale at Bliss.  It was rather interesting to feel like Alice in Wonderland, lost in the world of Bliss Couture.
The Discount rooms are clearly marked, under 99L, Under 149L etc. One just doesn't know which room to go into first.  There is something there for any budget. 

Designs you might have only dreamed of owning are now very affordable.  There are a lot of Bliss dolls out there, don't miss this opportunity.  If you don't know about Bliss Couture, then this is the time for you to take the limo and explore.  *Bliss Couture* Discount Outlet Closing Sale up to 90% OFF!! 
Did I mention that there is a Bliss Couture Hair being offered FREE

My next stop was *VoguE* MAINSTORE - CASUAL, GOWN, DRESSES, LINGERIE, VoguE Fashion   Fashion Pulse VoguE       VoguE Offers beautiful selection of sophisticated, stylish fashion range, both Casual and Formal. Gown dress Freebie Gift Jeans Leather Lingerie Models Outfits 
There are many young ladies out there who want to model, and junior models aspiring for the high fashion jobs.  This is a shop you want on your MUST SEE list.  Currently to join the store's group Style with Attitude, its FREE, it may not be for long.  Get on down and join up, know what is coming up, follow the trends.

Follow Long Dash Studio, know what is happening,we explore for you!  Check out our Facebook page, see link in sidebar.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Transported with OTFC

For those of you trying to recall what OTFC is, it is October Trending Fashion Chamber - located @ October Studios Photography and the OFTC, October Enterprises.  We are proud to have been given the opportunity to review the items offered by this select group of designers.

This knockout dress (CD) Spring Tender dress -  comes in several different variegated spring time colors, we liked this yellow/green, the detail in the dress is scrumptious.  I claimed this little number for my own.  Jewelry worn is from Bonita's Jewelry.   Shoes - with both outfits - enkythings Yuja II  Hair is from [e]

Evening dress in bottom photo is in this months OTFC is another Captive Design (CD) creation -  Melody (mesh) available in different pastel colors.

When you shop at OTFC you are being offered quality for a very affordable price.  The link to their blog is in the Long Dash Studio sidebar.

 The 1920s Berlin Project (1920's weimar republic Germany