Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Yoshikaze, HUMllab

Dare to explore - take that challenge, find your way out.. There are 9 rooms!

YOSHIKAZE, HUMlab  the build is exciting, we had difficulty finding our way out.  HUMlab at Umea University in Sweden has generously provided this Yoshikaze "Up in the Air" Residency.

taken from the Installation notes-  
The concept is simple: use **sounds only** to guide an avatar around a build. I asked them to avoid providing visual cues for avatars to use in reaching whatever kind of goals the artists envisioned.  

You will find four completely different pieces, four totally different visions of what that initial concept suggested. To me, the fact that our four versions are so different is tremendously exciting. It is further proof that the artist's mind is unlimited in its ability to make sense of the world, and to convey that sense to others. 

Please be sure to visit all four installations. You will find TP kiosks on each level, and on the ground if you should somehow end up there. Have fun!   
Oberon Onmura

Lovely Valentine POUDRE is wearing POUDRE [Sandy] MP 04 with POUDRE lipstick persimmon, eyes & lashes  POUDRE [bright II] 08
Shoes- Felicity Darcy -group gift
Pant-Trouser - Color.Me.H.O.F. Briston, brown
Top - ISON - detzel leather shirt brown
Earrings [ glow ] studio  Please me
Hair- Amacci  Sibylla - Almond

more pictures on flickr > link on right

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