Monday, March 25, 2013

Today's discoveries

CRIMARIZON *Pixel Panic* Gallery,
"Newly re-opened sim of which the main attraction was inspired from a fantasy picture built by Megan Prumier, depicting the ruined civilized antiquated city buried inside the cave. The main  building house the Pixel Panic art gallery curated by  Megan."

"Crimarizon arose from its dull, neglected days and is now ready to be discovered. Built by Megan Prumier, this photogenic fantasy spot features an eclectic castle housing the Pixel Panic Gallery (which includes art exhibitions each month curated by Dixmix Source). Live musicians appear at The Golden Hall, while Medusa's Masquerade caters to people who love to be in costume".  there will be more pictures of this lovely build on Flickr - link on right

There is no way to see all the artist expression in a single visit.    It was difficult to know in which direction to go first.  In any direction you will be very pleased.

Today's model, Kerly POUDRE, was wearing the Felicity Kelsey stilettos in a lovely shade of Magenta, her skirt (Boho) was from Sassy!  and the comfortable oversized top was ISON featured this month at Collabor88.  Jewelry is N@N@  hair [e] comfort white 03,   skin/eyes POUDRE  Kerly pale 06

You are welcome to come find us.  We will be here for hours. Photo bugs, this is the place for you to work your lenses.  - more pictures on flickr...

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