Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Copa Nite club

The Copa Nite Club,IGBC Gay Rehoboth

We have this darling outfit to blog, wanted the prefect background, at first we thought -high shcool prom, but knew that the dress had so much more potential.  It is a young fashionista's  dream dress, but smacks of over the top evening wear for the diva Ms.  The crinoline is there for the "oh so cool" swing and movement, and the shorter front allows for the peek a boo look at the glamours legs and elegant footwear.
Once we got our model past the bronze statue at the entrance, the shoot went very well.  the club is open and bright with a nice decor, it is very tasteful.  Love the James Bond pictures, actually the place has a relaxing ambiance, very inviting. " IGBC's art deco vintage nite club, The Copa is the destination of choice for vintage jazz, big band, swing,  all the greats! Catering to the LGBT Community and friends: date, romance, gay, lesbian, DJs, vintage, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, formal, semi-formal "

Today's model, Twily Purity, is wearing POUDRE skin (Patry) MT - Patty's Day, POUDRE eyes-bright II 04  
Hair- Amacci - Linda Vanilla Blonde
Shoes - Enkythings  Ekota-X-Pink
Outfit includes jewelry (and shoes not shown in this blog) PInk Caprice from
design merchant  L35 Casual and Gothic Shop[category_id]=&search[keywords]=l3s 

See you on the dance floor....
few more pictures on flickr -link on right

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