Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Color

Bright vibrant colors are everywhere.  Open a magazine, go into store, or mall and your bombarded from all directions with the promise of spring.  The riot of color that we encountered the last few days had us looking for an outfit that would make us feel a part of this amazing colorfest.  The outfit that sprang into mind was one we saw at Graffitiwear - the outfit is an item for the We are all mad hunt.  It is the ladies outfit, there is on outfit for men too.
There will be more pictures on Flickr - we paired the dress with ISON dancing shoes, (color block prism pump)  they came out last year, but are still very trendy for the time between winter and during spring until the really hot, warm weather hits.  Jewelry is from Beloved Jewelry -Rose quartz -heart
Handkerchief style dress is Alice & Rabbit dress (mesh) by Chalice Piers, Graffitiwear  - 
model - Valentine  POUDRE    skin - group gift POUDRE  Patty in time for the March 17 festivities.   
hair - (e) Again - blonde 07
Photo Shoot - Club Reflections at Gloaming Vale,

Valentine's original choice of eyes was POUDRE bright # 06   which you will see in the Flickr close ups, but we found that with the background, we liked POUDRE bright #01 thus the different eyes.  This picture features blue #01

Ate mais tarde !

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