Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Skyboxes by Luna Bliss

WOW - what an experience.  When Luna Bliss invited us to look at her sky boxes i didn't know what we were agreeing to. Arriving at one of the sky boxes we were faced with a selection of diverse and magical settings.  To see them, you sit on a flower and are transported up into the air, and from there you choose the setting you want to see and it builds itself around you for your viewing.

Our model today is dressed in a Donna Flora Asian flavored dress, therefore, we set our sights on a box with the colors of the dress. This delightful vista also has a house in it.  We urge you to take this flight into fantasy and experience these builds for yourself. Skyboxes By Luna Bliss - Amazingly Beautiful, Callahans Isle

Sitting on our flower, mode of transport, waiting for our selection to rez.  Luna Bliss is an artist extraordinaire.  There will be more pictures on Flicr
Model - Kerly POUDRE 
skin - POUDRE -Plume 01 T
eyes-[LI] ice gray eyes
shoes -Enkythings Talyna  purple
earrings - Aurora Borelais - Cartier Deco -silver
outfit -Donatella black purple -  Donna Flora  available in other colors
hair - and AO are from Amacci   hair -Gloria blueberry     ao - ladylike
 taxi to   Cinecitta' Donna Flora,

#7 in the sky boxes, is a house in the forest, completely furnished, (see flickr) I could retire there. utterly peaceful, if I close my eyes, I can hear the waterfall, and the sounds of the birds and critters in the forest biding me welcome. ahhhhh Luna... thank you for the interlude.

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