Friday, March 29, 2013

Shoes, shoes and a shoe SALE

It is a mantra around the world, shoes, shoe and more shoes.  How many shows have we seen on HGTV about one or both of the parties needing a closet or room just for their shoes.  In our family, 3 girls, we all grew up knowing that shoes were an important part of our day to day. Whether for how we looked, how they made us feel, and of course if they were good for our feet.  Now in a virtual world, many of us who would not wear a stiletto these days in RL can do so easily in SL.
LINDY modern and Retro shoes

                                           Felicity Shoes

These two designers are the shoes you see most often being used in this blog. There is a reason for this.  Both designers are known to Long Dash Studios and both offer a range of product that we know can be used in our work, they offer consistently well thought out designs, their inventory covers a variety of options for the Fashionista and Diva who want quality in what they purchase and after sales service if it is needed. 

We use a wide range of models and cover an even wider diversity in the fashions we report on and the locations we visit.  Lindy has a section of shoes that are perfect for period pieces, retro/vintage/role play as well as modern.
Felicity when you visit the store offers not only the very haute couture shoe but the classic moderns.  Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Style.  

This is not to say that we will not show you other designers, because we are blessed in SL with a bevy of good ones.  Some looks just need/require a shoe that we have to hunt for to make the "look" zing.

SHOE SALE news - Lindy is having a 50% sale.  She is providing a selection of shoes for your Easter Parade  @ 50% off regular prices.  She will be at the Mieville Easter Faire - Now through April 1.. here are a few of the shoes that she is offering (more picture on Flickr)

SHOE sale and discount area  @ Fecility - a whole room of discounted shoes  along with group gifts and selected items in the main room.  links to both of these merchants on side panel, the Mievellie Easter faire will follow.

Victorian Steampunk Mieville Chesterton,   we luv luv the functions at this location Mieville is always bringing something new and creative to our lives.
Please join in with the merchants and enjoy the festivities and the shopping.
As the mayor of Mieville (Perryn Peterson) says "calories don't count!"

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