Sunday, March 31, 2013

midnight rendez vos

A cup of java near the midnight hour, with an attractive stranger, at a run down cafe, she must be out of her mind.  Yet here she was, waiting, she was even early.  With a sigh, she settled back into the cracked leather booth.   She had picked a booth along the window, but one furthest from the door.  This way,she could see anyone coming in or walking by, so far, there had been a steady stream of customers coming in for their late night latte, but no Hank.
The night sky was full of stars, she had to admit that the backdrop of the silhouetted city buildings and period gaslights used in this part of town to maintain the theme of yesteryear was an enchanting sight.

She could hear the lively sound of a piano from the bar around the corner, every time the door opened to the cafe.  Maybe she should take a peak over there before leaving.  If Hank didn't show soon, she would have to leave to get back to the club in time for the last set.

Without turning, she felt rather than saw that she was no longer alone, someone was standing to her left, just behind her range of vision.  The anticipation rooted her in place.

model- Kerly POUDRE, skin/makeup - Amacci - Emma Pearl Fresh
Outfit - Donatella Pink slim - Donna Flora
Shoes - Felicity shoes      Jewelry - Beloved Jewelry
Hair - Amacci -Maddie - black coal

We visited many places today to find the right ambiance for shoot. Enjoy.
There are a few more pictures on flickr. 
Antiques at Antiki-Taki and Art Deco, Art Nouveau and more

PIANO BAR Fairlady, Montague

The Pixel Pot Restaurant & Cafe,

ASU Dyess Cafe & POP Shop, Arkansas,  Diner & Cafe near the boyhood home of Johnny Cash. Visit the Pop Shop, cinema and the home of the Cash family in Dyess. Retro, rockabilly, swing, drug store, soda fountain, juke box, milkshakes & pinball... 1950s, 1940s, 1930s

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