Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mayfly & Diesel Works Poses

Mayfly - Mayfly- oh how you bring my world to life
Mayfly - Mayfly - you change the way I see myself
Today was just another day, 
Then in our box you dropped - a look I can't resist
Mayfly - Deep sky Eyes -Persian Blue w4 is what we
will wear today.  =^_^=

Paris Metro Couture -Paris - lovely cocktail dress, Etre en Fleurs - blue
Felicity  Shoes - NEW 16 colors to choose from Monique seen here in slate blue.  Watch for them to be in the store early next week.  New group gift too.

VANITY HAIR  Lula Platinium

POUDRE -model Kerly, skin/makeup 

Diesel Works Poses & Animations Main Store, Brooklyn

Diesel Works has two new sets of poses out with a big cage prop.  One is Nightingal's GLEE and the other is Nightengale's SORROW.  Our model tried them both out for us, and it was a very useful exercise.  For sure the GLEE has the model in happy and gay poses.  You smile at the potential for getting some very fun photos.  GLEE      (16 poses)

The SORROW on the other hand, is a dark cage,  the poses manage to show you a very different kind of pain, and tortured sadness, a more submissive note.  The designer, Rogan Diesel does offer you a discount if you purchase both.  (15 poses)

While @ Diesel Works don't forget to join if you are not already a group  member and to pick up the March gift.  A member pays a lower price for poses and props then a non member.
find more pictures on flickr - link on right

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