Friday, March 15, 2013

In the green

With March 17 just days away, every one is shopping for something green to wear. Or, going through the closet for just the right shade of green.  For some reason, on St. Patrick's day, everyone has some Irish in them.

Travel with us to Caledon Templemore  Victorian-era Galway City, Ireland. Templar church, Kinvara Rangers, farm, rental horses to ride, lodgings for travelers.
The gown from PurpleMoon was interesting and fanciful.  Here you see it in its entirety   The green in the jacket is such a natural moss green, we loved it paired with the lime/yellow of the satin of the gown itself.

The belt of the dress holds the leaves that you see fanning out framing the face.  They can be sized, longer, shorter, what feels right for you.  You can also take the belt off, which then leaves your face and upper body accessible for "close encounters"  The tall leaves however are rather well textured and fun, maintaining an air of mystery ::PM:: Linnda Gown in Green

Our model Jennifer T. Amacci
hairstyle- Cassie Amacci
Make up and skin - Diamond Style Paige Sunkissed #01
Eyes - POUDRE - Bright 04
Shoes - Leverocci - Lavender Platform Pumps - lime green
Jewelry -  Graffitiwear (Chalice Piers) - Purple Bug Twig ring, necklace and earrings.
few more pictures on flickr - link on right

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