Tuesday, March 26, 2013

[Huit] R2 branch @ Blueberry Harbor

Sometimes it pays to take the time to read  incoming messages.  Today we discovered a new (to us) designerHuit]   R2 ( owner Mikoto Lisa)
Long Dash Studio prides itself on following  fresh face.  When we received the note card promoting the R2 branch store opening gift and saw the face looking back at us, we knew we were going to track it down. 
photo shoot location Secret Garden in the Clouds

Main store -HUIT Main store, Logray carries a line of makeups, the Tamaki lips are worth a look at.  Fat pack available or @ 50L each.  Individual skins sell for $800.  There are also a couple of male skins.

photo shoot location Tropical Plants Trees Shrubs Landscaping @ Luna Bliss

Thank you to Paris Metro Couture for the dazzling outfit - Carnation Salsa Blue, this outfit was part of a hunt at Flawless, I'm sure that you will find it in one of the Paris Metro Couture shops, likely in other colors too. The exotic flavor of the dress was perfect for the tropical settings.

Jewelry was from one of our favourte designers -Elemental, because this craftsperson deals in life with semi and precious stones, her replications are very authentic.

Shoes which unfortunately cannot be seen in the photographs, are from Felicity -group gift Courtney- link in side panel

Model -(avatar) POUDRE Kerly      Eyes - POUDRE Bright ii   07

Hair - Vanity Hair - Lali, Minuit

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