Monday, March 11, 2013

ELF FOREST ~* A Dark Fairytale *

ELF FOREST ~* A Dark Fairytale *

Our model today Twily - Purity is wearing the newest POUDRE release for the Forbidden Closet  it is only availble at the Forbidden Closet - Patry MT -Patty's Day - Eyes are POUDRE  Bright 01
Hair -Vanity Hair Applonia - blonde
Jewelry - PM - PurpleMoon -Bubble earrings and necklace Orange
Ring - is POUDRE  from the Valentine avatar package
Shoes- G Field - Rose bootie, diva 

This outfit, comes in many colors and is from Graffittiwear by Chalice Piers.
It was a toss up to go with this lovely shade or the teal, in this setting we are happy we chose the earthy tone.(mesh, lace tank dress)
Shoes- G Field - Rose bootie, diva 

few more pictures on fickr - this was a fun expedition, treat yourself to an adventure and visit this build.  Link at the top of the page.

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