Friday, March 8, 2013

Da Vinci Gardens, Kalepa

Some places are magical.
Some places inspire are dreams.  Bring out the romantic in us.  We traveled back to a place discovered some time ago.  It is still a lovely build. Whether you go on your own or with a friend, it is sure to be a special experience.  Find and rez a guest gondola =^_^=  or climb aboard the Da Vinci Copter, there are many adventures you can take.

When you sit in the observatory chair   -you can see directly into the telescope.  To change its direction just click on the picture. During the photo shoot, SL was playing with us, the gloves wouldn't rez, and the skin tone  in the wearing of shoes was totally unfriendly.  We liked the funky look of the cuffs so left them.

Our model Valentine - POUDRE (skin- Patty, group gift -POUDRE)
 make up and lipstick -POUDRE      lashes & eyes -POUDRE

Jewelry -this classic look of garnet and silver is from Beloved Jewelry
we got it on a sale wall, the earrings were 1 $L     and the necklace 
was 1 $L -you gotta know we were not leaving without them.

Shoes- [AHN-JI] May II Beige high heel

Outfit - Bubble's Designs -Rudy - the designer has put together a package that includes a hat and scarf not seen in the pictures.  this is a very fun and sassy outfit.  It is currently on sale at the Designer Showcase

Hair [e] Charmed - red 06

links to flickr, [e], POUDRE, Beloved Jewelry and Designer Showcase see -right panel 
Da Vinci Gardens,  there is also an underground/sea world to be explored as well as all the places above ground

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