Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Calypso Bay

Calypso Bay  a lovely tropical retreat, sandy beach, dance floor, small intimate setting, a place to enjoy a palm tree or two and a game of Greedy Greedy. There is also a game called SLictionary.

"Ever wished you knew a little beach that wasnt always jam packed with people, but still had all the entertainment options of a big beach? Well.... you're in luck! Calypso Bay is the place for you, your friends, all those shy quiet people who just like to sit around and watch, the crazies who have too much to say, the furries who get pretty warm on the beach, the lovers, the dreamers, the naughties...... and YOU :) "

model today - Natsu (M)  Amacci
hair - new from Amacci  Sarek - streaked deep copper worn with the Amacci 
hair base -henna to color match the streaks
eyes - POUDRE  Bright II 04

Jewelry -N@N@  Lexi earrings   and N@N@ Michelle necklace  the amazing bracelets are part of the Paris Metro Couture outfit that Natsu is wearing.

Natsu's makeup and skin is Amacci's Emma (nutmeg) peach. For that summer perfection, search out Emma and demo the different skin tones to find the look that is just for you.
This fabulous, carefree,sexy outfit from Paris Metro Couture is from her Artist series Lemelonrouge -Onyett -to see it from other views, go to Long Dash flickr -link on right

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