Saturday, March 16, 2013

AKERUKA man's world (Ares)

A chance to work with one of our favourite men's wear outfitters. 
Rispetto Designs, Otherwhen
We chanced on the owner of Rispetto Designs ( Khayman Karlsvalt) sometime
last year while doing some work for Designer Showcase. His work is in our view not only affordable, but covers a broad range of casual dress for the
young men in today's "busy" world.  The sense of style is reflected not only in how the owner presents himself, but in his line of clothing.

Rispetto Designs - Giocare. comes in several colors, we went with the green since this is March, and the 17th is tomorrow - chain and pendant comes with the outfit, jeans, sweater wrapped around the waist, long sleeve two color Tee.  more pictures on flickr
Rispetto Designs  classic argyle sweater -in traditional shades that flatter.  This sweater was extremely well priced.  You know you can get a lot of wear with this very comfortable and stylish look.  3 seasons for sure.
The AKERUKA Ares man -  we've shown him here with different skin options, beard, no beard, stubble,given you a sampling of looks with different POUDRE eyes -and Amacci Leon hair.  Akeruka Italian Creations  stands by their product, if you have any questions or want more information, contact their
Customer Service Assistant - Katharini McBride
Akeruka Italian Creations - HQ Skins & Shapes   and be sure to check them out at the Skin Fair

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