Sunday, March 31, 2013

midnight rendez vos

A cup of java near the midnight hour, with an attractive stranger, at a run down cafe, she must be out of her mind.  Yet here she was, waiting, she was even early.  With a sigh, she settled back into the cracked leather booth.   She had picked a booth along the window, but one furthest from the door.  This way,she could see anyone coming in or walking by, so far, there had been a steady stream of customers coming in for their late night latte, but no Hank.
The night sky was full of stars, she had to admit that the backdrop of the silhouetted city buildings and period gaslights used in this part of town to maintain the theme of yesteryear was an enchanting sight.

She could hear the lively sound of a piano from the bar around the corner, every time the door opened to the cafe.  Maybe she should take a peak over there before leaving.  If Hank didn't show soon, she would have to leave to get back to the club in time for the last set.

Without turning, she felt rather than saw that she was no longer alone, someone was standing to her left, just behind her range of vision.  The anticipation rooted her in place.

model- Kerly POUDRE, skin/makeup - Amacci - Emma Pearl Fresh
Outfit - Donatella Pink slim - Donna Flora
Shoes - Felicity shoes      Jewelry - Beloved Jewelry
Hair - Amacci -Maddie - black coal

We visited many places today to find the right ambiance for shoot. Enjoy.
There are a few more pictures on flickr. 
Antiques at Antiki-Taki and Art Deco, Art Nouveau and more

PIANO BAR Fairlady, Montague

The Pixel Pot Restaurant & Cafe,

ASU Dyess Cafe & POP Shop, Arkansas,  Diner & Cafe near the boyhood home of Johnny Cash. Visit the Pop Shop, cinema and the home of the Cash family in Dyess. Retro, rockabilly, swing, drug store, soda fountain, juke box, milkshakes & pinball... 1950s, 1940s, 1930s

Friday, March 29, 2013

Shoes, shoes and a shoe SALE

It is a mantra around the world, shoes, shoe and more shoes.  How many shows have we seen on HGTV about one or both of the parties needing a closet or room just for their shoes.  In our family, 3 girls, we all grew up knowing that shoes were an important part of our day to day. Whether for how we looked, how they made us feel, and of course if they were good for our feet.  Now in a virtual world, many of us who would not wear a stiletto these days in RL can do so easily in SL.
LINDY modern and Retro shoes

                                           Felicity Shoes

These two designers are the shoes you see most often being used in this blog. There is a reason for this.  Both designers are known to Long Dash Studios and both offer a range of product that we know can be used in our work, they offer consistently well thought out designs, their inventory covers a variety of options for the Fashionista and Diva who want quality in what they purchase and after sales service if it is needed. 

We use a wide range of models and cover an even wider diversity in the fashions we report on and the locations we visit.  Lindy has a section of shoes that are perfect for period pieces, retro/vintage/role play as well as modern.
Felicity when you visit the store offers not only the very haute couture shoe but the classic moderns.  Vogue, Elle, Glamour, Style.  

This is not to say that we will not show you other designers, because we are blessed in SL with a bevy of good ones.  Some looks just need/require a shoe that we have to hunt for to make the "look" zing.

SHOE SALE news - Lindy is having a 50% sale.  She is providing a selection of shoes for your Easter Parade  @ 50% off regular prices.  She will be at the Mieville Easter Faire - Now through April 1.. here are a few of the shoes that she is offering (more picture on Flickr)

SHOE sale and discount area  @ Fecility - a whole room of discounted shoes  along with group gifts and selected items in the main room.  links to both of these merchants on side panel, the Mievellie Easter faire will follow.

Victorian Steampunk Mieville Chesterton,   we luv luv the functions at this location Mieville is always bringing something new and creative to our lives.
Please join in with the merchants and enjoy the festivities and the shopping.
As the mayor of Mieville (Perryn Peterson) says "calories don't count!"

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Skyboxes by Luna Bliss

WOW - what an experience.  When Luna Bliss invited us to look at her sky boxes i didn't know what we were agreeing to. Arriving at one of the sky boxes we were faced with a selection of diverse and magical settings.  To see them, you sit on a flower and are transported up into the air, and from there you choose the setting you want to see and it builds itself around you for your viewing.

Our model today is dressed in a Donna Flora Asian flavored dress, therefore, we set our sights on a box with the colors of the dress. This delightful vista also has a house in it.  We urge you to take this flight into fantasy and experience these builds for yourself. Skyboxes By Luna Bliss - Amazingly Beautiful, Callahans Isle

Sitting on our flower, mode of transport, waiting for our selection to rez.  Luna Bliss is an artist extraordinaire.  There will be more pictures on Flicr
Model - Kerly POUDRE 
skin - POUDRE -Plume 01 T
eyes-[LI] ice gray eyes
shoes -Enkythings Talyna  purple
earrings - Aurora Borelais - Cartier Deco -silver
outfit -Donatella black purple -  Donna Flora  available in other colors
hair - and AO are from Amacci   hair -Gloria blueberry     ao - ladylike
 taxi to   Cinecitta' Donna Flora,

#7 in the sky boxes, is a house in the forest, completely furnished, (see flickr) I could retire there. utterly peaceful, if I close my eyes, I can hear the waterfall, and the sounds of the birds and critters in the forest biding me welcome. ahhhhh Luna... thank you for the interlude.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

[Huit] R2 branch @ Blueberry Harbor

Sometimes it pays to take the time to read  incoming messages.  Today we discovered a new (to us) designerHuit]   R2 ( owner Mikoto Lisa)
Long Dash Studio prides itself on following  fresh face.  When we received the note card promoting the R2 branch store opening gift and saw the face looking back at us, we knew we were going to track it down. 
photo shoot location Secret Garden in the Clouds

Main store -HUIT Main store, Logray carries a line of makeups, the Tamaki lips are worth a look at.  Fat pack available or @ 50L each.  Individual skins sell for $800.  There are also a couple of male skins.

photo shoot location Tropical Plants Trees Shrubs Landscaping @ Luna Bliss

Thank you to Paris Metro Couture for the dazzling outfit - Carnation Salsa Blue, this outfit was part of a hunt at Flawless, I'm sure that you will find it in one of the Paris Metro Couture shops, likely in other colors too. The exotic flavor of the dress was perfect for the tropical settings.

Jewelry was from one of our favourte designers -Elemental, because this craftsperson deals in life with semi and precious stones, her replications are very authentic.

Shoes which unfortunately cannot be seen in the photographs, are from Felicity -group gift Courtney- link in side panel

Model -(avatar) POUDRE Kerly      Eyes - POUDRE Bright ii   07

Hair - Vanity Hair - Lali, Minuit

Monday, March 25, 2013

Today's discoveries

CRIMARIZON *Pixel Panic* Gallery,
"Newly re-opened sim of which the main attraction was inspired from a fantasy picture built by Megan Prumier, depicting the ruined civilized antiquated city buried inside the cave. The main  building house the Pixel Panic art gallery curated by  Megan."

"Crimarizon arose from its dull, neglected days and is now ready to be discovered. Built by Megan Prumier, this photogenic fantasy spot features an eclectic castle housing the Pixel Panic Gallery (which includes art exhibitions each month curated by Dixmix Source). Live musicians appear at The Golden Hall, while Medusa's Masquerade caters to people who love to be in costume".  there will be more pictures of this lovely build on Flickr - link on right

There is no way to see all the artist expression in a single visit.    It was difficult to know in which direction to go first.  In any direction you will be very pleased.

Today's model, Kerly POUDRE, was wearing the Felicity Kelsey stilettos in a lovely shade of Magenta, her skirt (Boho) was from Sassy!  and the comfortable oversized top was ISON featured this month at Collabor88.  Jewelry is N@N@  hair [e] comfort white 03,   skin/eyes POUDRE  Kerly pale 06

You are welcome to come find us.  We will be here for hours. Photo bugs, this is the place for you to work your lenses.  - more pictures on flickr...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mayfly & Diesel Works Poses

Mayfly - Mayfly- oh how you bring my world to life
Mayfly - Mayfly - you change the way I see myself
Today was just another day, 
Then in our box you dropped - a look I can't resist
Mayfly - Deep sky Eyes -Persian Blue w4 is what we
will wear today.  =^_^=

Paris Metro Couture -Paris - lovely cocktail dress, Etre en Fleurs - blue
Felicity  Shoes - NEW 16 colors to choose from Monique seen here in slate blue.  Watch for them to be in the store early next week.  New group gift too.

VANITY HAIR  Lula Platinium

POUDRE -model Kerly, skin/makeup 

Diesel Works Poses & Animations Main Store, Brooklyn

Diesel Works has two new sets of poses out with a big cage prop.  One is Nightingal's GLEE and the other is Nightengale's SORROW.  Our model tried them both out for us, and it was a very useful exercise.  For sure the GLEE has the model in happy and gay poses.  You smile at the potential for getting some very fun photos.  GLEE      (16 poses)

The SORROW on the other hand, is a dark cage,  the poses manage to show you a very different kind of pain, and tortured sadness, a more submissive note.  The designer, Rogan Diesel does offer you a discount if you purchase both.  (15 poses)

While @ Diesel Works don't forget to join if you are not already a group  member and to pick up the March gift.  A member pays a lower price for poses and props then a non member.
find more pictures on flickr - link on right

Saturday, March 23, 2013

evening in Paris

An evening in Paris, with a sigh we look out the window, the sun is shining, skies are blue, but we are not in Paris.  What to do.  To the closet we go for a Paris Metro Couture gown.  Then with the magic of SL, we will transport to the magical city of romance and glamour.  FRANCE ~~Paris 1900 ~~ Moulin rouge ~ champs elysees, Paris 1900

The evening gown for this blog is Paris Metro Couture's Daddies Flower.  This formal gown has a beautiful flow to it, the texture of the fabric is such that it creates movement highlights that enhance the design of the gown.
To compliment the shades of green, our model Ria Amacci  is wearing the group gifts from Beloved Jewelry.  Makeup,eyes, skin and hair, also styled by Amacci .   Emerald #2 eyes, hair attachment is Pythia, dark copper,skin tone is the NEW Rayna (Olive) -12 Bronze

Felicity shoes, make one feel like royalty, this style is Xana (silver)
There are more pictures on flickr -link on right

The Paris Metro Couture gown is a classic, you will be able to wear it often and with different accessories, give it a different look each time.

Moulin rouge *-._, Paris 1900 ,_.-* Troupe du Jardin de paris, Paris 1900
PARIS - Tourism PARIS, Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe, Moulin Rouge, PARIS Concorde, Les Champs Elysées, Notre Dame. Metropolitan France French Francophone Japan PARIS Usa Brazil Spanish Italiano Shop PARIS Road Cars PARIS PARIS PARIS PARI

Paris Metro Couture - Paris

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

R2 Fashion @ Collabor88

Some looks dazzle, some sizzle, this one is  pure gold.. 

Coming into a room, or leaving, this outfit speaks loud and clear.  The outfit comes in several colors, what a charming outfit for the special occasions coming up, spring and summer.  the gold is especially nice for evening wear, the colors pink, purple, silver will lend themselves well for any event.

model - POUDRE model Plume
makeup/skin- POUDRE  Sandy MP 02
hair - Amacci  Emilia  can be worn long or extra long (ebony)
jewelry - Beloved Jewelry  multi hoop earrings necklace and bracelet
outfit -R2 Fashion   r2 A/D/E on sale now @ Collabor88 in all colors
shoes -Felicity  Harlow shoe

Shoes closeup on flickr

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Yoshikaze, HUMllab

Dare to explore - take that challenge, find your way out.. There are 9 rooms!

YOSHIKAZE, HUMlab  the build is exciting, we had difficulty finding our way out.  HUMlab at Umea University in Sweden has generously provided this Yoshikaze "Up in the Air" Residency.

taken from the Installation notes-  
The concept is simple: use **sounds only** to guide an avatar around a build. I asked them to avoid providing visual cues for avatars to use in reaching whatever kind of goals the artists envisioned.  

You will find four completely different pieces, four totally different visions of what that initial concept suggested. To me, the fact that our four versions are so different is tremendously exciting. It is further proof that the artist's mind is unlimited in its ability to make sense of the world, and to convey that sense to others. 

Please be sure to visit all four installations. You will find TP kiosks on each level, and on the ground if you should somehow end up there. Have fun!   
Oberon Onmura

Lovely Valentine POUDRE is wearing POUDRE [Sandy] MP 04 with POUDRE lipstick persimmon, eyes & lashes  POUDRE [bright II] 08
Shoes- Felicity Darcy -group gift
Pant-Trouser - Color.Me.H.O.F. Briston, brown
Top - ISON - detzel leather shirt brown
Earrings [ glow ] studio  Please me
Hair- Amacci  Sibylla - Almond

more pictures on flickr > link on right

Sunday, March 17, 2013

more Shoes!!

Is there such a thing as too many shoes... NEVER.... To our delight  we have come across a shoe store that till now has escaped discovery. FELICITY *Shoes, Stilettos, High Heels, Furniture, Garden* MAIN,  There is a fee to  join the Felicity shoe update group, BUT, darlings when you see the group gifts you will be more than happy to pay the 30 Linden $.  How did we come to find Felicity shoes, by visiting one of our other fave shops Beloved Jewelry

Our glowing model Valentine POUDRE is back, here she is sporting a pretty lace party dress from Paris Metro Couture.  Lacy Candy, emerald.  

Shoes - FELICITY "FO" Sin, Jade
Jewelry - Ear Candy - Geo
Hair - Amacci -Tattoo base and attachment Pythia
Skin/makeup/lashes - POUDRE Sandy MP 04
Eyes - POUDRE - Bright II 03

Check out the variety of shoes @ FELICITY, join the group, enjoy the group gifts, and don't over look the Discount room.  The photo shoot was done in the furnishings part of this little courtyard mall.

Amacci @ the Skin Fair

The Skin Fair 2013 - Sim 1, ClockWorx Haven  March 15 - 31st.2013

The Skin Fair is here, and if you are one of the lucky ones who managed to gain admission, then  you likely  got around to seeing some of the fabulous creations offered by the various designers.

Amacci has given us three different skins, Rayna Terra, Rayna Pearl and Rayna Olive. ** Olive and Terra are two completely  new skin tones. The new Ria shape is included with the fat pack (shape is modify) Your package will include size S, M and curvy.

Rayna comes with 12 different sets of makeups, they can be bought separately or in a fat pack - Amacci model Ria curvy on left in green, is  wearing the new Rayna Olive.

For each makeup you’ll get:
 ■ 1 skin per makeup: – one basic 
 ■ 1 extra skins with no makeup (Clear) is included with each makeup pack for Rayna!

Plus: -  2 Cleavage tattoos -  Small Chest tattoo   - 4 Eyebrow shapes - mouth corner tattoo 
( Rayna Pearl also have two lighter eyebrow color tattoos )

AND: - 8 Lipstick tattoos!

Note*** Applier for Lolas tango sold separately for only 50L$, all Amacci skin colors are included. 

Amacci model is wearing the Valentine Jacket from Kunglers TDRB #46

Black leather pants - Izzie's  these are a staple in any models wardrobe

jewelry - Bonita's Jewelry Design   seen on both models

shoes - ISON -color block prism pump

hair -Amacci hair base and style - Sione (streaked) - natural blonde

avatar - Amacci -Ria shape,curvy

there will be more pictures on flickr

Saturday, March 16, 2013

AKERUKA man's world (Ares)

A chance to work with one of our favourite men's wear outfitters. 
Rispetto Designs, Otherwhen
We chanced on the owner of Rispetto Designs ( Khayman Karlsvalt) sometime
last year while doing some work for Designer Showcase. His work is in our view not only affordable, but covers a broad range of casual dress for the
young men in today's "busy" world.  The sense of style is reflected not only in how the owner presents himself, but in his line of clothing.

Rispetto Designs - Giocare. comes in several colors, we went with the green since this is March, and the 17th is tomorrow - chain and pendant comes with the outfit, jeans, sweater wrapped around the waist, long sleeve two color Tee.  more pictures on flickr
Rispetto Designs  classic argyle sweater -in traditional shades that flatter.  This sweater was extremely well priced.  You know you can get a lot of wear with this very comfortable and stylish look.  3 seasons for sure.
The AKERUKA Ares man -  we've shown him here with different skin options, beard, no beard, stubble,given you a sampling of looks with different POUDRE eyes -and Amacci Leon hair.  Akeruka Italian Creations  stands by their product, if you have any questions or want more information, contact their
Customer Service Assistant - Katharini McBride
Akeruka Italian Creations - HQ Skins & Shapes   and be sure to check them out at the Skin Fair

Friday, March 15, 2013

In the green

With March 17 just days away, every one is shopping for something green to wear. Or, going through the closet for just the right shade of green.  For some reason, on St. Patrick's day, everyone has some Irish in them.

Travel with us to Caledon Templemore  Victorian-era Galway City, Ireland. Templar church, Kinvara Rangers, farm, rental horses to ride, lodgings for travelers.
The gown from PurpleMoon was interesting and fanciful.  Here you see it in its entirety   The green in the jacket is such a natural moss green, we loved it paired with the lime/yellow of the satin of the gown itself.

The belt of the dress holds the leaves that you see fanning out framing the face.  They can be sized, longer, shorter, what feels right for you.  You can also take the belt off, which then leaves your face and upper body accessible for "close encounters"  The tall leaves however are rather well textured and fun, maintaining an air of mystery ::PM:: Linnda Gown in Green

Our model Jennifer T. Amacci
hairstyle- Cassie Amacci
Make up and skin - Diamond Style Paige Sunkissed #01
Eyes - POUDRE - Bright 04
Shoes - Leverocci - Lavender Platform Pumps - lime green
Jewelry -  Graffitiwear (Chalice Piers) - Purple Bug Twig ring, necklace and earrings.
few more pictures on flickr - link on right

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fashion for Life

"Amacci is participating in the big event Fashion For Life with a new skin Emma, in 3 special makeups and skin tones. They only cost 450L$ each and all proceeds go to SL Relay for Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society.   Appliers for Lolas Tango is included. "

The fair closes the 17th Mars, so now is the perfect time to go and grab them.

Amacci @ Relay for life of Second Life -Zeus at Olympia

Many of the designers you love are participating in this good cause, please make sure you get over to the site to look around and shop. 

Signing out - our model -  Jennifer Amacci, hair style, Adena Amacci,
Skin is Emma - nutmeg - Peach  (seen above) wearing
makeup from MONS eye shadow star,
eyes are POUDRE - bright 04
Outfit is from the kiosk across from Amacci at the Relay Fashion for Life.
Radayme mesh tunic Nya's Shop
Shoes- Leverocci - Lavender pumps - lime
a few more pictures on flickr of Jennifer's personal style

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Calypso Bay

Calypso Bay  a lovely tropical retreat, sandy beach, dance floor, small intimate setting, a place to enjoy a palm tree or two and a game of Greedy Greedy. There is also a game called SLictionary.

"Ever wished you knew a little beach that wasnt always jam packed with people, but still had all the entertainment options of a big beach? Well.... you're in luck! Calypso Bay is the place for you, your friends, all those shy quiet people who just like to sit around and watch, the crazies who have too much to say, the furries who get pretty warm on the beach, the lovers, the dreamers, the naughties...... and YOU :) "

model today - Natsu (M)  Amacci
hair - new from Amacci  Sarek - streaked deep copper worn with the Amacci 
hair base -henna to color match the streaks
eyes - POUDRE  Bright II 04

Jewelry -N@N@  Lexi earrings   and N@N@ Michelle necklace  the amazing bracelets are part of the Paris Metro Couture outfit that Natsu is wearing.

Natsu's makeup and skin is Amacci's Emma (nutmeg) peach. For that summer perfection, search out Emma and demo the different skin tones to find the look that is just for you.
This fabulous, carefree,sexy outfit from Paris Metro Couture is from her Artist series Lemelonrouge -Onyett -to see it from other views, go to Long Dash flickr -link on right

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Copa Nite club

The Copa Nite Club,IGBC Gay Rehoboth

We have this darling outfit to blog, wanted the prefect background, at first we thought -high shcool prom, but knew that the dress had so much more potential.  It is a young fashionista's  dream dress, but smacks of over the top evening wear for the diva Ms.  The crinoline is there for the "oh so cool" swing and movement, and the shorter front allows for the peek a boo look at the glamours legs and elegant footwear.
Once we got our model past the bronze statue at the entrance, the shoot went very well.  the club is open and bright with a nice decor, it is very tasteful.  Love the James Bond pictures, actually the place has a relaxing ambiance, very inviting. " IGBC's art deco vintage nite club, The Copa is the destination of choice for vintage jazz, big band, swing,  all the greats! Catering to the LGBT Community and friends: date, romance, gay, lesbian, DJs, vintage, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, formal, semi-formal "

Today's model, Twily Purity, is wearing POUDRE skin (Patry) MT - Patty's Day, POUDRE eyes-bright II 04  
Hair- Amacci - Linda Vanilla Blonde
Shoes - Enkythings  Ekota-X-Pink
Outfit includes jewelry (and shoes not shown in this blog) PInk Caprice from
design merchant  L35 Casual and Gothic Shop[category_id]=&search[keywords]=l3s 

See you on the dance floor....
few more pictures on flickr -link on right

Monday, March 11, 2013

ELF FOREST ~* A Dark Fairytale *

ELF FOREST ~* A Dark Fairytale *

Our model today Twily - Purity is wearing the newest POUDRE release for the Forbidden Closet  it is only availble at the Forbidden Closet - Patry MT -Patty's Day - Eyes are POUDRE  Bright 01
Hair -Vanity Hair Applonia - blonde
Jewelry - PM - PurpleMoon -Bubble earrings and necklace Orange
Ring - is POUDRE  from the Valentine avatar package
Shoes- G Field - Rose bootie, diva 

This outfit, comes in many colors and is from Graffittiwear by Chalice Piers.
It was a toss up to go with this lovely shade or the teal, in this setting we are happy we chose the earthy tone.(mesh, lace tank dress)
Shoes- G Field - Rose bootie, diva 

few more pictures on fickr - this was a fun expedition, treat yourself to an adventure and visit this build.  Link at the top of the page.