Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You're gonna love this Sale

That's right, the naughty and nice sim is at it again.  Another great sale for you to enjoy.  It just started, and will run through till February 28th.  Feb. 12th is the 1st day, vendors/merchants were mostly inplace, but some still were putting finishing touches to their carts.  If you have attended the sale/hunts here before, you know that there is always a lot of loot to come away with.  Each merchant has a special item at their cart for $50 Lindens as well as giving you several other options at a reduced sale price.  you can;t go wrong.  There are also FREE hunt items hidden around the cart area.

When you see this sign on the cart, the item that is next to it is usually the item being offered at $50 Linden.  There is something for everyone, skins, shapes,ladies wear,men's wear,shoes,jewelry, even textures and furniture!

Readers, this lovely gown, is a full perm evening gown, from Lyrical Bizarre Templates, it is not their 50 Linden special it is selling for $149, the name of the outfit is Silent.  FP it includes 12 TGA templates and prim skirt. The gown was perfect for showing off the jewelry from Beloved Jewelry.  Victorian Cross necklace and earrings.  Changing metals and gemstones gives you numerous possibilities all for $50 Linden! 

Our model is Natsu Amacci, wearing Nuiko (Nutmeg) Amacci,  her hairstyle is
Rosie, also Amacci  -fyi Amacci has a boutique near the Designer Showcase
on the Flawless sim..

The skirt is flexi, it has good movement.  the bodice is well cut with realistic
texture shading.  I like it.  More to come from this sale.  Meanwhile, get on over be naughty, =^_^=

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