Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Welcome to the Old West

No wonder our model met with some strange looks.  Yesterday we did our photo shoot at COLORADO , OLD WEST , 1800'S Western Territory, her outfit on closer inspection was from the 1920's RP sim.  Doll Locker. (the outfit as you see it including firearms and earrings was included in the RP Doll locker package, not hair.)
This RP sim (Old West) has non stop arrivals, obviously a very popular event, ladies I will add that the majority of arrivals that we saw yesterday  were males. The club is always active.  This morning it is 3:55 a.m SL time and the
place is jumping.
There is everything and anything you may think you need to RP on a western sim, having said that, there were some very fine ladies and men's shop that would also look fine in other theme sims.  The quality of the products offered was impressive.  Doc's Men's Wear is well stocked.  
The owner of this store also operates Swank Brothers Vintage Men's clothier.  doc's specializes in Old West and Victorian haberdashery.  Swank Brothers is early 20th century men's wear.  How often have I been asked where period clothing can be found for men.  Pass this bit of information on please.
There are rules, and there are people who will help, look for this area More pictures on Flickr - link on right
model -  Twily Alora
skin/makeup - WOW  Farah
Eyes - 'Stars from avatar package Talia
hair - Wasabi Pills - Kamiko
Outfit -Doll Locker @ 1920 Sim role play

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