Saturday, February 23, 2013

Voodoo Blues

Just how " groovin" does that sound -V o o d o o B l u e s ~ Keeping the BLUES Alive , Voodoo Bayou  A very colorful build, the music is down home blues, you won't be disappointed if you like real blues.  Stores to shop in as well as the music.  When you land, you have the opportunity to teleport to other parts of the Voodoo area.  There is a chapel that we have yet to visit but will before we leave.  If you like free gifts, they have that too.

model today - Pulse avatar -February
makeup and skin - POUDRE - helena - currently on sale at Forbidden Closet
model is wearing the POUDRE - lip gloss -Plumeria
outfit - is  1 Hundred - Mistress X
boots   Loordes of London - Pure Contagion Yo Mama
jewelry - Ear Candy - Geo
hair -(e) Elikatira -Figure - black 5

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