Tuesday, February 26, 2013

To add makeup or not

Newer members in the community have asked,  why add makeup to a skin that already has makeup   It comes down to a matter of preference.  We have known avatars who never change their look.  They find the look they want and they stick with it.  In the summer they may go with the same skin only in a slighter darker shade. ie. tan.  However others who love the whole fashionista and diva world, want to experiment and are constantly trying out new "looks"
We have a buffet of endless possibilities to choose from.

NVious  (NBGG) this skin offers a day to day look that is very appealing, lovely with a natural healthy glow.  To add a bit of flair, we've added a touch of eye shadow and eye liner to bring out the eyes and fill out the lashes  (Face Paint)  This allows the user to not have to change their look, merely to add make up to it, much like one does in RL.  In keeping your original skin, you know that in various stages of undress, your body is always the same, unless you add tattoos.
This dragoon tattoo from designer Esbee.linden is a layer you add on to your skin.  After the event you remove it, like you do an article of clothing.  Same applies to tattoos for other parts of the anatomy.

Earrings and necklace are from Elemental they are the Athena set, gold and blue jasper.  

Hair - (e) Elikatira   Parade black 04  (their sale should run for another couple of days, if you have yet to go, don't delay)

evening gown - this stunning piece of body fitting lace is from Paris Metro Couture  - Reach in teal

Our thanks to Renaissance Galleria - Exquisite Couture and Wedding Venue,
where some of the most elegant weddings in SL take place. (photo shoot)

model & eyes - Poudre - link on right

Paris Metro Couture
Elemental and Nvious on Flawless
[elikatira], Elikatira

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