Thursday, February 28, 2013

Then and Now

There was a time, when the modern lady, radiant and beautiful, dressed in a manner that covered her from head to toe.  A bonnet/hat covered her long tresses (hair), and her layered clothes respectfully and artfully covered her body.  Fashion designers of the day, used different textures and color to create a vision of loveliness.

A lady learned to move and stand in ways that sent messages with just a simple turn of the wrist, or the arching of her body.  Her charms were played out with finesse.  Her choice of clothes announced her status.
Communication may have been silent at times, but it was potent.  Eyes spoke volumes, the delicate rosy pink of the cheeks and the turn of her lips from pretty pout to slow seducing smile, the arching of her brow.... yes, that was then... another time, another era...

Photo shoot :D, Exquisite

model - POUDRE - Plume
skin - POUDRE -Sandy -MP 05
eyes - POUDRE - (bright) 03
hair - Truth - Hollana - mirage
outfit - SAMSAS - Violet  everything you see except the shoes
shoes - Lindy Modern and Retro  - Moira
AO - Amacci Classic

Taking the same model, changing her hair and outfit for a modern look.

Model,skin,eyes,lipstick  - POUDRE   
hair - Alli & Ali (A&A) Bella hair, dark honey
haute couture evening gown - Paris Metro Couture Arun (blue)
shoes - Lindy Modern and Retro - Moira (color changing hud )
jewelry N@N@  Carla earrings and necklace  comes with sizing hud

2nd photo shoot -The Cube - Art Gallery (exhibits, events and more)
Today...that same woman, has to find her way in a totally different environment.  Where before, the mystery of what lay beneath the clothes was a lure and temptation... now - can we judge the book by its cover?
more pictures on flickr

Paris Metro Couture
POUDRE link on the right
Lindy Modern and Retro

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