Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Trend watch

The word is out - the modern architecture in silhouettes is boxy stiff fabrics, fashionistas are not obsessing over fitting into a  size 0.  Look around at what some of our leading designers are putting out since mesh has arrived on the scene.  They are able to recapture the look seen on the "stars" and in leading fashion magazines.
Designers who bring us the latest, are always working ahead of what we the consumer are wearing.  In winter they are already working on their spring and summer lines. By the time we are out shopping for that smart little smock for the St Patrick days event at the pub, they are working on the scorching days of summer for the lightest and airiest of fabrics and looks that will keep us gorgeous and in style.
If the current trends keep up, it will be nice to wear fun summer dresses that don't cling to the body, but rather allow us to enjoy the breeze against our skins in a more natural way =^_^=

While the glamour and glitz of yesterday will never go away, since I truly believe that there is a diva in all of us.  The every day look is one with a much more natural feel.  Technology today is such that the skin/makeup designers can give us a multitude of looks, the make up artist among the designers will
shine, because they will be able to give us that natural look as well as the makeups to dress up our look for any given occasion. 

An example of this is the fabulous shop Face Paint.  Face Paint does makeups that you can apply over your regular skin to give you a very unique look.  Her latest Naomi Smoke will be released this Thursday, Feb. 6.  How often have I heard gals tell me how long and hard they have worked at finding the look that is "theirs" and when trying new skins they loose their own look.
Well now there is an option, many designers offer different makeups for their skins, or you have Face Paint a store with YOU in mind.   It is like having your very own makeup artist.  you go in and look around and choose your look for the event you are going to.  IF you are a group member there are always gifts and specials.

model - Twily Designer shape Alora
eyes- these magnificent eyes are Talia Eyes (avatars by Star)
make up - Face Paint Naomi Smoke
natural skin from Dulce Secret
dress - cold Logic
jewelry - La Topasienne Ala Folie
hair - Diva  - Marie
shoes - (M) Chiave (Magnifico)
AO - Amacci 
handbag - Avisage  Pur Suede Purpulisois

Fashion shoot was taken at Yasum Mesh Clothes Men Women Dom, Ambrosia Dance Club  The language on sim was not one I know, but I liked these outfits.

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