Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sunny Saturday Feb.16

Elikatira - Retirement Sale
This is one sale that I have been going back to, time and time again.  It is a great sale, the hair styles are a must if you are a hair junkie.  Prices are excellent. I have picked up several styles and will get a few more. [elikatira], Elikatira  Sale runs till February 23.  Try not to miss this event.  All items are 70% off regular price.  Once the sale ends, these items will no longer be available.
Long hair is so in right now.
You can't open a fashion magazine, or watch a television show these days without seeing long hair.
The place is jumping every time I come. Old and young,  There is one in these two top strips that I won't be able to leave without it.  hmmm maybe two ^^
Ok, you want to see more, grab the limo at the top of this blog and get on down here.

Now what have we here... let me tell you.  This is our model Abigail R.icielli 
helping us see if we can fit this wonderful fireplace (Pillows & Things) into the studio.  Guess what, it is just too big for our space.  This beauty is on sale (50L) at the You're Gonna Love this SaleFLAWLESS ~ SKINS & SHAPES ~ FASHION - STYLE BY KIRA
Abigial showing us a bit of drama - tired from moving the fireplace =^_^+
Lets see if we can give you a closer look at the wonderful estate jewelry  she is wearing from  designer (Beloved Jewelry) there are earrings available for this necklace.Her outfit btw is from :NBGG: Chanel Shopper (boots are included), the darling hairstyle is from Elikapeka

If you are in the market for a new shape, External Appearances has a lovely shape here for her 50 Linden special, Markara (photo provided by merchant)
The skin being used with this shape is Style by Kira  the designer provides you with all the details you require for the look that you see here.

Have a terrific day shopping!

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