Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Feb. 17

Since our model was kind enough to work over the week-end, we have more pictures to share with you.
outfit is from Kakia Designs - now at the cart sale on Flawless.
shoes - from Inverse - Vegas, the shoe is a mesh, and comes with a colour changing hud, for adjustment of skin tones as well as the shoe texture colour possibilities.
There will be more pictures on Flckr (link on right) where you can see how the necklace being worn shows in different lighting. (Jewelry - Beloved Jewelry)

Here we are at another MadPea Production - Love Potion No. 9.9 Hunt by MadPea,  the hud to do the hunt is 50 Linden.  
Note the earrings same as above, only the metal, bead and gemstone have been changed - a really great buy for the lindens they will cost you.  The outfits and jewelry, are at the You're gonna love this sale - Flawless Sim

Check out the kinky shoes, again from Inverse, because of the hud that comes with the shoe, we are able to colour the socks and the top of the shoe, giving us this short black boot look, the flower colour can also be changed, we left it to blend with the wedge sole Inverse - Inside -homes,plants, landscaping,shoes -mesh

outfit, mini Lyrical Bizarre templates - Whiz
skin/makeup for both sets of pictures - NBGG: NVious - Tula 004  
 both on sale at the cart sale on Flawless NOW.

Hairstyles are from (e) (see earlier blogs)

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