Monday, February 25, 2013

Show and Tell

We had such a good day at COLLABOR88 WWW.COLLABOR88.COM, 8 8  that we are back to check out any of the corners we may have missed.  Not that we missed much yesterday, but one never knows.  Plus it is a good way to ensure you picked up all the goodies you want while it is still on at the "intro" price.  Items change every 8th of the month.  So you still have a few days of shopping left before the items change.

These coats are on sale for $188  U.F.O. Ur Favorite One  the color we will show you, is not the one we intended to show, but the finger clicked when it should have been just looking. =^_^= (it happens)  sometimes to get a truly different look, one shops in the junior miss department.
The photo shoot was taken in NEW YORK CITY - Join at, New York City  while there we read an announcement where the sim is hiring for various positions.  If you know of anyone looking for work, pass it along =^_^= 

            For more pictures, checkout flickr - link on right
model - POUDRE - Plume shape
makeup/skin - POUDRE - Jasmine M.P.02-Ci 01
eyes- POUDRE - Valentine 
Lashes - POUDRE - Valentine
hair - Vanity Hair -Valentine Passion
jewelry - POUDRE
shoes - Lindy Modern and Retro -court comes with color hud
coat - mesh U.F.O. neck warmer coat - collar comes with a color hud
pant/trouser - Color Me H.O.F. Mesh - Briston trouser

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