Friday, February 8, 2013

Sassy Shopping Center

There are days when the call is for gentle tropical breeze, endless blue ocean and lush green vegetation bordering a sun drenched sandy beach.  Not the endless shower of thick fat snowflakes and waist high snow banks. Thought today we could do a bit of this and a bit of that.  There are a lot of interesting places in SL that you have yet to discover.  Lets head for the shopping center.

.Violet Mafia. {HeadQuarters & SpeakEasy}  intriguing name, thought we'd check it out. This is the notecard found in my inventory.

About Violet Mafia:
Established October 2010.
Current group number as of January 20th:     1517.
A group for sales, Midnight Mania, lucky items, gifts, hunts, etc.
All content is permitted- as long as it is HIGH QUALITY.
Yes, there is a saturation of groups already.. BUT Violet Mafia only allows the best quality, from original designers.

I recognized many of the designers, so will you.  The ones I didn't know, I wanted to know.  It is for the moment, free to join.  LOL I took a few samplings which I will enjoy later.
 American Bazaar  -         1 Hundred   - The Little Bat     -  ChooZ    -       Sassy   -      Indigo Oddities   -  Alterego    -   Nvious by GG    -   Eluzion    -    LR Textures       - Loordes of London     - Dulce Secret  are just some of the  designers who have come together in this venue.    This is a wonderful opportunity for you to sample the quality of their wares .  You will be pleasantly surprised to find many of the above designers have shops in this shopping center.  (we are at the Sassy shopping Center)

Here is a shop with a name that beckoned.  I couldn't resist going over to see what the style of clothing would be. Ducknipple -Primitive Design, young. brash and rather vixen.  Certainly if you want to make statement, this designer has a sense of fun in what they are creating.

To give this mall justice, I think we need to return again with one of our models.  Meanwhile darlings, take a break, grab a cuppa and taxi on over.  I have been tempted by many of the outfits seen here today.  However tomorrow is Chinese New Year's eve.. I have to find something for the celebrations.. ta ta for now.  ~Sassy!~ Mainstore and Sassy Shopping Center

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