Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pretty as a picture

This is an expression we've heard probably all our lives,  "pretty as a picture"
well readers, this dress by Contepomi Style gets an A++ in our books.  What a delightful dress.   Truth be told on the vendor board it was pretty, but wearing it is a whole new dimension to the word "pretty"  It is called the 2013 spring dress and is on sale right now at the You're gonna love this sale at Flawless.
There will be more pictures on flickr, so you can see the back of the dress. and the sexy boots from Lindy Modern and Retro shoes  It was do dang pretty, we thought of all kind of locations to shoot it, in the end, we wanted it to be like a" monet,"  shoot location **NM New Mexico Territory ( German Western Speak)** (it is a role play area, stay in the safe zones.)

Model - Pulse shape February  (prev. blog gives limo)
makeup/skin - Poudre - White Snow group gift (see for limo)
Eyes - Amacci - Fudge #5
Outfit -Dress and boots can be had @ Flawless - You're gonna love this sale
Boots - Lindy Modern and Retro  ** main shop and a cart during sale
Dress - Contepomi Style     cart during the sale
hair -(e) Mood - Red 05  (more info. previous blog)

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