Wednesday, February 27, 2013

POUDRE & PurpleMoon Creations

You have seen the designer POUDRE in the last few blogs.  We like the product.  Today we finally got around to opening the Valentine - complete avatar. After we finished gaping at the results, we decided that it was time to introduce you properly to this delightful skin and shape designer.  Great product, and good prices.  Total value for your linden dollar. 

This Valentine complete avatar is selling for $800 Linden.  When you look at what you are getting, Shape(well defined (anatomically) - Skin - with all the various cleavage options- a hair style you will get a lot of mileage out of, jewelry that is very classic haute couture, eyes, lashes, and stole you can wear over and over again, and a naughty bikini that is "class".. last but not least. red sexy leg hugging boots.

Photo shoot location #2 Cerridwen's Cauldron  we took a dragon flight and fell from the sky LOL - note to self, don't get off the dragon till it comes back down to settle on its platform.
Same model, hair,jewelry, changed lipstick, wearing POUDRE lip gloss - yellow river, eyes, POUDRE  Bright II 08 - Shoes are Lindy Modern and Retro Khloe, nude, picture will be on Flickr - link on right

The tantalizing ball gown is from PurpleMoon Creations the delicious color is Caramel Correction, every thing about the outfit is elegant and eye candy for the audience it will attract. Look at how the flowers caress and flow like a water fall down the front of the dress.  Beautiful.

Look at the eyes.  From looking at the display you wouldn't know that you would get such depth and clarity. Check them out.  Poudre link is on the right

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