Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday Glam Alert

Today's model (Lexie T - Amacci) set the tone for our fashion spree.  Rather laid back in her Dilly Dolls floral sneakers, and Apple May Design jeans and T (Bed Story)  Tribal tattoo  (Nyx Linden)    Eyes- Amacci - sappphire 6 big
Makkeup/skin Dulce Secret DS Santena Bitter natural

Riddle - Main Store, Atomic Island our first stop,  the colourful dresses,and rather youthful energy of the place was fun.  These denim mini skirts were only 90$ L  ea. and the dresses 180$ L  The fat pack price for the dresses is
600$L if you consider tht each is very different in pattern, that is a very good saving.
Even I am enamored by these delightful fun T shirts.  Pared with the new designer leggings.. a gal could really make a statement.  They are well priced too.  This is a shop to discover if you haven't already done so.  Also to be found there, are a variety of eyes.  You ready for that new look, it begins with the eyes!

Next stop Right Sexy Clothing for Women - complete outfits  Not sure why Lexi led us here, let us look around.  This is a mall with several different shops, featuring a gamut of items, it appears that one can find something here no matter what fashion style you embrace.  Hmmm I'd say more in the flirty, femme fatal, sexy, night club look.   I'm the first to admit that we all have a part of us that is totally "racy" =^_^=

Ladies let it not be said, that I play favourites.
Now we know why Lexi came here, she's not talking just keeps smiling that impish grin of hers. Ok lets move along. btw Indyra Originals is in this mall,
shoes and accessories with some cute outfits.  lots to see at this mall allow yourself some time.

Last stop for now Fashion 4 Flirts Main Store  rather liked the name for this shop.  Flirting is an art form would hate to see it disappear.
If we have seen anything today, it is the consistency of the legging, whether in jean form, or the legging itself.  worn with colourful sneakers/runners or with boots, it does stand out.  Dust off your travelling gear and go shopping!

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