Monday, February 18, 2013

Kiss of the spider

Kiss of the spider - note the detail of the spider tattoo on the right shoulder blade.  Strategically placed to move with your movements, giving it a very realistic look. You will be a temptress from behind as well as coming towards your prey.    Paris Metro Couture 

This is a dress that you can accessorize with diamonds, rubies or pearls, we chose to display it on its own.  The cut, the textured fabric oozes with sensuality, you will be a walking goddess of the night.  A siren, a vixen, this is not an outfit for the mild and meek. It comes complete with formal net gloves.  Open fingers so you can show off your talons. =^_^= 

These pictures were taken at the Charleston Lace Grand Ballroom a lovely place  it bills itself as  Home of Southern charm and gracious Southern hospitality. Cobblestone streets and antebellum shops, flank the Grand Ballroom. Located in the historical Battery!Stroll the path, to dance under the star  *note it is a featured event place 
Make up/skin-NBGG - Tula 003
model/avatar- Makara -External Appearances
Eyes - Mayfly- Deep Sky - dusky Hazel

If you like to dance in a romantic period ambiance it just might be the place for you.  

 Charleston Lace Romance Ballroom~Jazz, Romance, and Dancing,

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