Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gung Hai Fat Choi

Happy Chinese New Year  to everyone - May the year be filled with much joy, happiness and good fortune. 
New year's eve, tonight we will celebrate the coming of the Year of the Snake.
Both in Western and Eastern cultures, snakes have been shown to be seducers of human beings.  But in Chinese culture, snakes are considered wise and good hearted. Snakes are considered the form dragons take before their transformations. (Chinese astrology, ancient secrets for modernlife, by Sabrina Liao)

To celebrate, our model Jennifer T Amacci is wearing the beautiful Paris Metro Couture gown -For the love of Doir -cherries. Shoes were shown in my last blog ChoOoZ, Zahara Zebra pink, her dreamy eyes are Dramatic from the MiaSnow collection.  Her hair style Black Coal (Cassie/Amacci
Make up & skin Dulce Secret -DS -Sumrah Sangria

The fabulous jewelry - earrings and necklaces -are from Elemental Jewelry
Designs -  exception - bracelets are from Fulo  pictures on flickr
Photo Shoot was taken at a destination still being built.  You will be in for a treat when it is open.
More to come at a later date.
Paris METRO Couture ~ La Samaritaine, Paris, France,
*Amacci Hairs * , Amacci
Skins at Dulce Secrets Mainstore,
MIASNOW, Twomoons Island
FuLo Jewelry

We will be taking some time off this week-end to celebrate with family and friends.  Be safe, stay warm -God bless  MioyaOokami  Oyashikiri

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